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Zombie Birthday-Chapter 1 (rewrite!)

Zombie Birthday-Chapter 1 (rewrite!)

Posted April 11th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

 Blown-Off Heads


"Oh, Julian," Jack said, putting his hands into his blue hoodie sweater, you're dead. Even more dead than all those retired presidents. If you know that place, then you know." Clearly confused, I ask, "Uhh...what am I exactly dead for?" Jack's eyes widen, and he says, "You mean...you really don't know?" In the same confused state, I reply, "Yeah...tell me, please." Jack looks to the side and whistles. "Hoo...the place you're going to ain't so hot. It's getting less and less people with the passing days."

My own eyes widen. What's going on? Jack goes on, "People are saying that anyone who goes in...never comes out." Honestly, inside, I refuse to believe him. It's a party place. You can't believe everything you see on the internet. Besides, it's my birthday and if my mom picks a place for me, I'm going to go with it. "That's fake," I say. "Not real." Jack shakes his head. "It's all real, Julian. Open your eyes and look at me. Look at all those people-well, you can't, but ya get me?"

I shake my head.

Jack sighs. "A news report...I downloaded a copy..." Jack pulls out two sheets of crisp and clear paper. I've always loved the smell of fresh paper. "Those kids...Jenny and the other one...went in the lazer tag in that place." I look, and almost believe it is real...only for a minute. Poor kids. "They never came out...even if the time was up for them. Later, the owner of the place called the police to go look for the kids...and when they went in...they found them... with no head. Headless."

I almost find that repulsive.

"S-so you mean...the lazer blew off their head?" I stutter. "Nobody does know," Jack said. "Not yet. That was two years ago, and the case has yet to be solved. Take what I just said-" Jack gets close to my ear- "as a warning to save yourself. A big warning. Maybe you'll think twice. Maybe you'll persuade your mother to take you somewhere else." The bell begins to ring. Jack says, "Oh...I gotta go. And remember...if you go into that place...you may never come out. I gave you your fair stuff."

I only say, "Yes," but quickly. I pick up my backpack with a flick of my arm, and run to class as fast as I can. If I'm late again, I'm going to...never mind. Can't think about that now. I rush past my biology class and library. The library-my comfort zone. But of course, Jack always has to tell me about little things on the book I'm reading-and I'll stop reading it. Get that I don't hate him, it's just that he's...he's...never mind. I see my class to the right. With a swift turn, I run inside.

Panting, I say, "N-never fear...the great Julian...is...here..." My teacher says with a light smile, "Firstly, the great Julian needs to understand that he can jog, but not run. Secondly, he can't be late. And thirdly, he needs to go to his desk. Now, Julian, don't be late again. I know you can make it to class one day." I feel all of the uncomfortable stares on me, and walk to my desk. Suddenly, I did not feel anything like "great." I slumped my backpack onto the ground and plopped into my seat.

"Now, class," my teacher says, "We're going to be doing Journals. Everyone, take out your journals from that cubby over there, and you answer today's message." Our class, like animals, rushes to the cubby, and hands grab everywhere. What isn't my comfort? Grabbing hands. All over everyone's stuff. I'd have to chicken-wing it. I rushed to the cubby as well, and tried grabbing around until I saw some baseball stickers with my name-Julian. And after seconds of struggling, I find it.

Thank goodness. I walk back to my table, notebook still in hand, and plop down again. I look up at the sentence at the board-

"Do you try adding jumping into leaf piles as part of your day?"

I try to think. When was the last time I'd jumped into a leaf pile? Wait-of course. Last fall. With my friend, Veronica. We'd just made a tree house, and were about to jump from it into a pile of leaves we'd raked up with Mom's rake. The tree house wasn't too high, so it should be fine. I remembered it so fondly- first thing, I was standing at the treehouse door, second, me and Veronica were sailing down. That's when I realize my feet are pointing straight down. Oh no.

...You could guess what happened.

But beneath sprained ankles, shattered my will to be a man! Maybe. I write,

"I used to. A long time ago, me and my friend Veronica always went leaf jumping. One day, I sprained my ankle, and you can guess...hah, the great Julian wasn't so great then."

At lunch, Jack tells me, "Hey, I need to tell you something." Since I'm already finished, I walk to the bathroom with him. "Now...what's your party place again?" I think, and finally say, "Lunar Kingdom." Jack nods and says, "Yep, exactly the place. I'm going to give you a list of all the attractions there. If you also want a poster for that place, then I can start making it tonight." I nod and say, "Yep, exactly. It's a good Monday 11, and my birthday is on the 15th, on Friday."


Later on, school ends. I get into my mom's car. "Soo? How was school, sweetie?" she asks. "Well..." I say, "It was good, but Jack..." Mom interrupts, "Oh, don't tell me you're listening to him again. Are you? That boy fills your head with lies. Nothing but lies!" I say, "Yes, I was. Lunar Kingdom...he says it's haunted, and that people there never come out, and all those incidents and losing customers-" Mom interrupts again. "That's bull. That's just bull. Wanna know why?" 

I listen.

"All those incidents were never meant to happen. You'll be fine. I promise you. And if anything does happen, I'll always be there." I get a bit sniffly at this. Will she now? Will she always be there? "Don't be sad, Julian," she says. "Mwah!" But even so, she doesn't sound appealing. I know for a fact that it's probably haunted. I need to get on my computer when I get home. Before long, our car pulls up to our house. Almost immediately, I hop on and check Lunar Kingdom.

It's a 3.1 starred place. There's a lot of reviews-and most of them are negative. "No way," I tell myself. One of them says,

"Never again.

I went to the place with three other friends for my son's birthday party.

It was fine, until one kid went into the bathroom.

Never been found since.

My prayers go out to that kid."

I get chills just reading that. No way. That night, I didn't get any sleep. And all I could think was, 

"I, Julian, have fallen believed victim to a person I've never believed before."

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