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Zombie Birthday-Chapter 2 (rewrite!)

Zombie Birthday-Chapter 2 (rewrite!)

Posted April 12th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

All These Rides


I'm awake. It's 30 minutes before school starts, so I guess for 5 minutes I can hop onto my computer and search up Lunar Kingdom. I start up Google and type "Lunar Kingdom" in the search bar, and hit enter. Nothing is wrong, but I need to do some history. I see; "The Tragic Tale of Lunar Kingdom: Incidents and more..." Hold on. To make sure no lies are going on, I open up another tab to the link and check the images of Lunar Kingdom to make sure it's not another place.

One paragraph reads out,

"Back in 2019, one kid was going on the go-karts ride. Since he was 17 and the limit to ride solo as a child was 16, he was allowed to go. The boy had crashed into another innocent bygoer due to this. The two were injured, but the kid was perfectly fine, despite having bruises. This is still nothing when compared to our next loss..."

'Our next loss?' I've got to read that.

"A year before the go-karts incident, a young girl was riding the bumper boats. It was a fierce match-when suddenly, another boat-rider crashed their boat into the girl, knocking her out. Admist all the boats it wasn't realized until the boats stopped. They were unable to revive her. Those are just the only known deaths for now."

Oh, wow. That's an extraordinary accomplishment-and not in a good way. Wait-I realized. I've been on my computer too long. I need to put on my new outfit and now!


Finally, I'm at school. Jack is waiting for me in the cafeteria. "So, you came today, huh?" Jack asks. "Yeah," I reply. "Good," he says. "We've only got until the 15'th. Well, of course, my birthday is on 1/16, of course..." I say, "Can I just get the rides?" Jack says, "Sure. Printed from the official Lunar Kingdom website. Don't mind that it's in Comic Sans font, I just like it..." Jack zips open his backpack and digs through it to find the poster. Finally, Jack finds it and puts it in my hands.


Train ride-for ages 6-14

Bumper Boats

Tea cups

The Smasher (roller coaster)

An arcade

Lazer tag

3d Experience"

"Wow," I say. "That's a lot. Very impressive." Jack says, "Don't be swooned into looks. Read the books...there was an incident on each and every ride there." I'm a bit annoyed. "That's why you said I was dead," I bitterly say. "Exactly," Jack replies. "I didn't want to tell you before, but Julian the Great must face his future...even though he's about to be 11 years old." I roll my eyes. But wait-a great idea flashes into my head. It's not terrible, but not too great either. Just wait and see.



"Can you come to my birthday? Please...I really need you to come..."

Jack looks disgusted. "Now, who shall you think you are, inviting the mighty Jack to Mr. Julian's birthday party? You shall sacrifice your advice-giver in the process! Now, out with you! Out!" I moan, "Pleeeeaaasseeee!" with puppy eyes. Jack stays firm, but after a few minutes of silence, he sighs and says, "Fine! But I ain't going to cry when you get your head handed to you. I'm doing you a favor!" I want to jump up for a hug, but I realize-it's Jack, and he's just accepted my invitation. He'll tell us what to do.

As I'm leaving school, I see my other friend, Dylan. Of course-Dylan is friends with Veronica. He'll come, right? I walk up to him and say, "Hey, Dylan! What's up?" Dylan looks up and says, "Yo, Julian! I'm doin' nice. How about you?" I think and say, "I'm fine...but there's something I have to tell you." Dylan looks a bit concerned and says, "Bro...? You seem a bit serious. Everything okay?" I nod. "Yep, perfectly fine. But yep, something I gotta tell...it's about Jack. About him."

Dylan scrunches his forehead. He's never really trusted Jack, but they've been on good terms. I'm sure it'll be fine. "All right," he says. "You see...he says that my birthday place is haunted. It's Lunar Kingdom." Dylan says, "That's...honestly silly. I doubt that there's anything wrong with Lunar Kingdom anyways. I'll go. I won't tell a soul. But I will ask Veronica to come too." I nod happily. I'm fine with very few people coming, as long as people at least come to my party.


Of course, it's my mom. I hop into the car. "How was school?" she asks. "It was good," I say. "I've got a list." She says, "Okay, but be sure to show me it at home. I don't want to have to drive off-road." At home, I show her. "Wow," she says. "I didn't know that there was a roller coaster at that place." I nod. "Well, we're going on Friday." I mumble, "Better keep it safe." I shove it into my drawer before bed. I then hop into my bed like a jack-rabbit or whatever it's called.

I realize how sleepy I am.

I can't wait for Friday.

And then dreams take me away

And away

And away.

I don't know where, but

hopefully my birthday comes out good.


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