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Abarat Quartet

Abarat Quartet

Posted June 13th, 2007 by Kazel

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A Book Review by Lezak
in the clouds... somewhere... (SOMEBODY GET THIS KID A MAP!)

Clive Barker

This is a nice one! Only 2 books are out though.
You think you're a normal girl until you walk into a feild that's suddenly an ocean? Well, welcome to the life of Candy Quakenbush! When she walks into a feild she is soon swept into a land where time is a place complete with magic and beast. Is Candy going to survive even the first book? You may not think so but she will. Complete with a mystical evil being and an eviler grand-mother this will please any Harry Potter fan. Very spine chilling and complete with wild pictures (yes pictures, 300 in all the books) I actually had night mares but you would enjoy it!

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