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The Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades

Posted March 12th, 2013 by rebecca

A Book Review by Rebec
in Rivendell, the only place in Middle Earth that gets Wi-Fi


The whole card suit thing is interesting, but it seems a little forced. The natural order and exactly how this works needs to be explained. It also sounds very weird when it is said. One does not thinng of cards, one thinks of a an actual 'Club', for instances, so the names need to be a little less English, you know, avoiding confusion. But whatever. Vampires, basically, and better vampires than I have seen in a long while.

The main character, Alaan has a very weird name for a start. This is kind of merited however, so can be ignored. He also has strange eyes, though these are contact lenses and his real eyes are stranger by far. The prologue has a comment on it pointing out how the description reads like a story, and it does. But I would not say it is entirely bad. In fact, the worst thing about it is that all the setences feel...odd. Childish. I know the author is a child, but they are one of the greatest authors of their age I have ever seen. It's quite frightening.

Alaan is described on a bus, and I do not understand why he did not wear sunglasses and claim he needed them for medical reasons, or just have them for effect, but whatever. It is relieving to know his eyes are not as cliched as the description. He turns out to be a vampiric magician thing, who does a lot of tricks that are less then awe-inspiring and quite obvious, but he has the patter to carry them off, if you get what I mean. He nearly 'Feeds' off a volunteer, which worries him, because he usually has more self-control, and this gets the comments of a Club - another suit of vampire thingy - Echidna. It's a pretty cool name, with its roots in mytholgy, but its more recent usage meaning this little creature.



See my problem? Monotreme, or random mythology person who isn't very nice if I remember rightly? Well, whatever. Back on task. Echidna (vampire girl) is a very stereotypical Club, a lover of trivia. I think I like her so far. Alaan seems more difficult. I can't quite grasp him. He seems okay. 

Four stars because I do not yet believe or understand the world. I need more detail, more education in this matter, and oter stuff I am making up as I go along because I'm getting slightly bored of ranting.


For the author:

Tell me more about the world, think of better names for the Suits of vampires (though be careful, it might not work), rewrite the prologue and continue the story. I am slightly bothered by the 'all Clubs like trivia' stereotype, so be careful with it, or it could kill you. Joking aside, well done Esther, you genius. I'm slightly scared by how successful you would be on this, and the age difference. You disproved the whole age thing in the clogging/idiot wars. 

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Woah.  I did not expect a

Woah.  I did not expect a review without asking for one.  O_O  Thanks so much, Rebecca.  This was awesome.   XD  I forgot about the ulterior definition of Echidna. 

Just to clarify, the Spades are the only suit who are vampiric.  :D


Posted by Esther (Algebra... on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 21:39

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