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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Posted September 22nd, 2007 by Kazel

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A Book Review by Lezak
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Lewis Carroll

Weee....! I just LOVED this book so much. It was very very randoma and crazy. Everyone's MAD there or as the Cheshire Cat says: We're ALL mad here (favorite quote).

Basicly it's all about Alice who descides to follow a Rabbit and gets into Wonderland. In Wonderland she meets a WHOLE RANGE of weirdos. Including the gryphon (grr that Disney movie, no GRYPHON!) and the Caterpiller. She really doesn't think she was who she was in the morning.

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I once took an acting class

I once took an acting class and we did skits from Alice in Wonderland...I was Alice and it was a blast.

Posted by Maddy on Sat, 09/22/2007 - 13:06
I had to read that over the

I had to read that over the summer and it was horrible! :P

The Bible says that we should do math. It says "Go forth and multiply."
~somewhere in the Catholic Bible and the comic Family Circus

Posted by Ginny on Sat, 09/22/2007 - 13:22
I did it for FUN! And it

I did it for FUN! And it was AWESOME!

~Magical Ferrets RULE!~

Posted by Kazel on Sat, 09/22/2007 - 19:51

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