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Annedroids Season 1 to 4 **a lot of spoilers o.o**

Annedroids Season 1 to 4 **a lot of spoilers o.o**

Posted March 6th, 2017 by Syafai

A Book Review by <3
in my mind

J.J. Johnson and Christin Simms

A boy named Nick moves into a new home across the street from a junkyard. While taking his things into the new home, he sees unusual 'robots' peeking out of the large fence. A girl named Shania, who loves gymnastics, accidently throws her ribbon on Nick's mom, Maggie. While apologizing, Nick becomes friends with Shania. They both wonder what's over that fence, and when they find their way into the junkyard, they meet a girl named Anne, whose mom 'passed away'. Now that Nick, Shania, and Anne are friends, Anne shows the two her two androids, Eyes and Hand. Anne then shows them her biggest experiment yet, the experiment of creating Pal. Pal stands for Personal Android Lightbot. Nick and Shania help Anne make Pal, and finally do it after many tries. Nick and Shania both are told that the androids must be kept as a secret, or somebody might want to take them away.

In season 2, a woman named Ada, who wants to steal Pal after sending someone to look around the Junkyard secretly, meets Anne and her dad, Wilbert. Also, Maggie finds out about the androids after seeing a video of the androids that Nick and Shania made, which they called, Junkyard Talk. Maggie grounded Nick after she finds out about them, because she thinks they're dangerous.

In Season 3, Maggie tries to meet the androids to think that Nick will be safe there, but some trouble happened during the meeting and she doesn't let Nick stay unless Anne and Shania prove that he'll be safe there. A new android, which is designed to look like a dog, destroys Maggie's car and Anne, Shania, Nick and Wilbert try to help fix her car. When they fix it, Nick is now allowed at the Junkyard again. But, when they were fixing it, Shania and Pal find a music box that Anne's mother made for her. A robobug comes to the junkyard a few days later, but Anne tries to find out where it's from. The locations were easy to find from the programing, it just had three locations. When Shania, Nick, and Anne ride their bikes to the three locations, they didn't find anything special. When Anne realizes the location might be in the middle, they end up inside an abandoned building. When they notice a few lockers, two opened and one closed, they needed a key. A key that spins inside the music box that Shania and Pal found. When they open the locker, they find a picture and Anne takes it with her to her home. When Anne sets the picture to her projector, she sees designs for a really complex machine. 

In Season 4, Mr. Cooper **shania's neighbor**, let's Shania, her three brothers, and Shania's grandmother, Riva, and Shania's dog, Cyrus, move into Mr. Coopers house, pretty much because Riva and Mr. Cooper have a thang for each other. Wilbert grounds Anne for the first time, for taking Ada's robot, Magnus 22. Anne took Magnus 22 because Ada deleted him in the first place and Ada had a backup for him. Besides, Ada wanted to steal Pal anyways. After Wilbert understands why, and Anne isn't grounded anymore. Anne builds the machine that her mother 'sent' her and it ended up being a hologram machine. When Anne turns it on, her mother is in the hologram, Wilbert and Anne are both surprised. When her mother begins to tell Anne where to find her, the machine turns off and Anne begins to cry. Anne also defeats Ada and her robots from stealing Pal, and Ada goes back to her work. 


Wow, this is such a sad TV Show. I cried along with Anne, because, well, how would I like it if I never saw my mother in more than a decade, then I find her in a recording saying where to find her, and the recording just turns off, probably for good? I wouldn't like it at all. I love this TV Show so much!!!

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