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Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness

Posted March 11th, 2013 by JLamarMichaelC

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A Book Review by Jonnah Z. Kennedy(Jeffrey)
in Texas

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Darkness indeed, indeed. Beautiful Darkness is the sequel to Breautiful Creatures, and the second book in the Caster Chronicles. Beautiful Darkness takes place several months after the events of Beautiful Creatures. Lena Duchannes, who passed her Claiming, is pulling away from her love Ethan Wate, who's life being a mortal is becoming more and more supernatural. When Lena escaped with her Dark cousin Ridley and a mysterious boy named John Breed into the Caster Tunnels, it is up to Ethan, Keeper-in-training Liv, and his best freind Link to find her as Lena searches for a place that may or may not exisit known as The Great Barrier. Obviously, this book is already better than the first. Where the first was bloated and stockfull of romance instead of an actual plotline, Beautiful Darkness actually started how the first one should have--strong. In the opening chapter, Perpetual Peace, Garcia and Stohl brought us what we all wanted: more supernatural. We are introduced to the Blood Incubuses at Macons funeral, and a beautiful funeral it was. The beginning of the book was a briliant hook to the rest of the novel and its what actually kept me reading. I was thankful that hte book was only 503 pages instead of the gargantuan 565 that the first one was. The possible reason why Beautiful Darkness was better than Beautiful Creatures is because there was no Lena! I will admit it, without Lena the story flowed better, we weren't constantly stopping with all the Kelting between Ethan and Lena, and we actually learned more about Ethan. We learned that Ethan is a Wayward, or a supernatural guide, who's place in the Order of Things is greate than he could have ever imagined. Just this part alone was like reading Harry Potter, feeling engulfed in the magic and how it was so well explained. We are introduced to a lot of dark creatures such as Vex's--though this is questionable as a ripoff of Death Eaters--and Sheers-again a possible ripoff of Harry Potter--and Blood Incubi. The way this story was told was above the first book, and I was absolutely fascinated by the story. It was faced paced and really had a good plot. Though, I must say that the tunnels were a bit of a letdown--this is coming from a guy who wrote a book about a maze, so i'm a bit picky about my tunnels :D--but overall the supernatural aspects of this novel were just FANTASTIC. Like, I really felt like I was livinbg in the Caster world with this one. Now, as for the plot, the plot is as I said before, better. It was pretty Brilliant. They had some nice backstories to accomodate to the story, and they made a past of flashbacks that helped to make the story stronger. The execution of the story was flawless as well. We went right along and into the world, and they pulled no punches to make the story weak, like the first. There were some parts though where I needed to put the book down for a minute--because it was so much, or because I went through like 200 pages in the first day. Overall, the book gets a 4 out of 5 stars, thank you so much for being better than the dreafeul Creatures. On the next reveiw I will be reviewing Under the Dome, but it will be a reveiw in 3 parts because the novel is so massive and there is so much I want to say in a review--because from what i've seen across the web, it seems like not a lot of people have actually read the book. I may also be reveiwing Battle Royale. See you next time!

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Lena is one of my favorite

Lena is one of my favorite characters and I loved learning about Lena and I loved how you related to Harry Potter. Read the Magic of Water series on Kidpub.

Posted by Sam on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 12:33

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