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A Book Review: Conquest

A Book Review: Conquest

Posted January 18th, 2015 by Redscarf54

A Book Review by Key
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John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard

A Book Review: Conquest

It feels like ages since the release of the first book in the Chronicles of the Invaders, Conquest, and that's because it is. Now the second instalment, Empire, has been released in Australia and I have now safely secured a sexy paperback copy that is now resting on my lap as I write. So to honour the Australian release it feels fit to review Conquest, the first book, in all its Sci-fi glory. So I will.


Conquest is set in an Earth that has been invaded by an alien race, the Illyri, who as described by the blurb are "a beautiful, civilised yet ruthless alien species.". What I love about the Illyri is that they are not your typical alien invaders as the science fiction genre has known to love. They don't storm in with guns blazing and slaughter humanity where they stand. They see Earth as a valuable asset to it's empire, humans and all. So they set about helping the humans by sharing the secrets of their advanced technology. Deserts were transformed to lush green fields, hunger was completely eliminated from Earth and the problem of global warming was tackled. Yet humans are stubborn. They created a sort of rebel force that fought against the Illyri. But the Illyri, being the no nonsense people that they are showed the humans not to mess with them. If a town committed crimes against the Illyri then the Illyri would have them wake up to having every child in the village executed. Thus the rebels hated the Illyri even more.

The book follows Syl Hellais, the first Illyri to be born on Earth, as she discovers that there is a darker side to the so called peaceful invasion, that there is some unseen force controlling the entire Illyri empire.

This story is really cool intense and exciting. It breaks every rule that traditional "aliens invade the Earth" stories are meant to follow. Try putting it down when reading. I dare you! There is constant blood pumping action and suspense which I love in books with enough cool science fictiony things along the way. Syl is likable enough along with some of Illyri and human fighters she'll team up with. But the coolest characters are the dark and cold blooded Illyri villains who are just plain evil and badass. 

9 out of 10



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