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The Camping Game *REVIEW*

The Camping Game *REVIEW*

Posted July 14th, 2013 by WhiteFox

A Book Review by *Juniper*
in Utah

Kacey <3

The Camping Game

Written By: Kaley <3

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In the prologue, Nathaniel shows some characteristics, and well as his painful past.

He explains how his father turned from him as if he didn’t exist, which I know would be hard for any kid at ten years old. But he also had a good relationship with him, which makes it kind of emotional.

But this is when Nathaniel starts to show some character. Of course he was sad when his parents died, but near the end of the prologue, he says quote, ‘’I now despised them, and had a bitter heart towards them.’’

The fact that this ten year old boy feels this ways towards others and has the will to run away from his home and decide to live in the woods is pretty incredible. This shows that this character will be a strong one. He will be willing and brave, and he won’t let any person tear his heart in half.

TO THE AUTHOR: If you don't want Nathaniel to be like this, you should twist the prologue just a little bit so that he turns out how you want him to.





   Although I have no idea what the black dog was about, I have faith that the author will make it work, even if it is not apart of the plot or not.





TO THE AUTHOR: Okay, I am sorry, but the title does not fit at all. For one, the name sounds like some time of little competition between best friends while they camp in the woods. AND, the term ‘games’ is used a bit too much lately. Think of something a little more unique and eye catching would be perfect.

Just a different name and I think your book will do a FANTASTIC job. 



For fantastic writing, creative characters, exellent grammar, and awesomeness, I will rate this

book (prologue) a



Feel free to comment on the review itself. It is my first review, and I want some tips about reviewing!


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Posted by Niamh on Sun, 07/14/2013 - 07:02
This was a very good review

This was a very good review for your first review! I rather like your reviewing style. I do have one tip, however. For the final score, is it 4/10, 4/5, 4/6? I wasn't sure when I read that score what the total amount of points was out of. But other than that, fantastic review! I might just request one from you.

If you want more tips, comments, and critiques, I also review reviews--a unique concept only Seaborne, my reviewing business, provides. www.seaborne.comeze.com if you're interested in requesting for your reviews!

"DON'T CALL ME SMALL! I'LL BREAK DOWN YOUR FEET AND STICK 'EM ON YOUR HEAD!" -Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist (Hey, that's me!)

Posted by Edward Elric {Jess} on Sun, 07/14/2013 - 09:02
That's true about the 4

That's true about the 4 score whether or not it is a 4/5 or something. I will get to that :)

But thanks for reading, I am glad you liked it too :)



Live Long And Eat Cookies

Posted by Steezy on Sun, 07/14/2013 - 23:48
Thanks for the review! I

Thanks for the review! I like your reviewing style. I agree with everything, and I know that the title doesn't really seem fit, but I promise it will once you get into later chapters. When I was little, we used to play this game in my backyard where we would camp out in the wilderness and we called it 'The Camping Game'. I really wanted to keep the title and turn our game into a book. So I promise I will make the title work. Also, is the rating a 4/5? Because if it was a 4/10, then I don't understand what I did wrong. Anyways, thanks again for the review!

-Kaley :D :P <3

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Posted by Kaley <3 on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 17:45
Yeah, I am sure that the

Yeah, I am sure that the title can fit in as the story and the plot come along, and if it is personally special to give it that name, its totally fine.

By the way, the 4 is a 4/5. I didn't think about it when I wrote it, I automatically thought 4/5 so don't worry :)

I am glad you liked the review though, I think I will do some more to see if I like doing it, so thanks for asking for one!


Live Long And Eat Cookies

Posted by Steezy on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 23:48

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