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Coldest Girl in Coldtown Review

Coldest Girl in Coldtown Review

Posted January 4th, 2014 by Smileyface

A Book Review by kim:)
in Massachusetts

Holly Black

WARNING: This will be short and ranty. You have been warned.

P.S. I don't know if any of it will be spoilery because I don't know if this book can be spoiled because it's preditable.


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown


Overall Thoughts:

Disappointment. That is my overall thought of this book. I was soooo disappointed by it that I couldn't finish it *cringe*. Yes I know, I shouldn't judge it since I haven't finished it but I read 170 pages of it and the plot was going Absolutely. Nowhere. I had so many expectations for this book and it had so much good hype. Well, that was a really big let down. I'm not judging Holly Black, I want to read more of her books....I'm judging this book....a lot.

The beginning was intriguing but gosh....the rest of it...ok...that's all for the overall thoughts section.

The Front and Back Cover (no spoilers):

Is ugly. I'm not sure what the significance of it was but then again...I didn't finish the book so that could be why. The cover is a picture of a hand with the Coldest Girl in Coldtown written on it. I just think it's really ugly but it does catch your eye in the store which is a good thing. I don't know...this cover just didn't appeal to me that much and I think with a world and a title like that, the cover artist could've been a lot more creative.

The back cover/book jacket was perfect. It's mysterious, dark, intriguing: it makes you want to read more. It doesn't give too much away and it keeps you wondering.

The Characters (very, very little spoilers, LOTS of ranting):

Tana:  I just...ugh sdlkfhsldkhf. Dear god...what kind of main character is this? How I would describe Tana: extremely stupid, annoying, whiny, dull, two dimensional. See, the thing with characters, you usually know what kind of vibe they're supposed to have even if you don't like them. Example: Jace from The Mortal Instruments. I don't like Jace but I know he's supposed to be sarcastic and snarky. I could see how someone could like him. I know he has a good side, so that's all good. But what the heck is Tana supposed to be? Is she supposed to be smart because that's the exact opposite word I'd use to describe her. She has no common sense or personality.

Ok so lets start with the beginning. We meet Tana and she's in the bathtub, probably slightly hungover from the part from the night before. Or maybe she just decided to sleep in the bathtub. Neither of those possiblities would surprise me. So she walks out to the kitchen (or some room) and then she sees a hand. She figures it's someone sleeping. Fair enough. But then she realizes it looks too pale so she goes to the living room and see's a room filled with dead people. And then, it explains how Tana had to force herself not to scream.

WHAT?!?! Who in their right mind wouldn't scream if they saw a room full of dead people?!? There are two reactions to seeing this: so shocked and overwhelemed you just want to breakdown and stay traumatized    or    scream. Obviously Tana wanted to scream so why didn't she? At this point, Tana isn't aware that some people are still alive so why would she force herself not to scream. And the lack of everything else she shows. She later feels dizzy and that's about it. She knew these people and all she does it observe them, walk around them, and start giggling. What....the....heck.

So later Tana decides, "Let's rescue my jerk ex - boyfriend and this vampire that I don't know in the slightest!" Wow Tana. Just wow. So first off, I get wanting to save your old boyfriend....kind of. He's infected and will turn into a vampire but he's still someone you knew and he hasn't turned into a vampire yet. And then the vampire, Gravriel. First off, was Gavriel the one who killed everybody? If so, Tana STILL rescued him....wtf. But I'm not sure if he did. So she took pity on him. 

And later Tana decides, "Hey, let's go to Coldtown because that's logical!" ....just...WHAT. She wants to be in a Coldtown. Ok I'm done.

And then there's this whole instant love situation. Um, Tana honey? You've known him for a few days. Stop kissing him. 

Honestly, my favorite so far is Aiden because I know what his character is supposed to be: a jerk, a player, desperate (<--- ....just saying)

Ok so I'm done ranting. I could go on and on but....you're probably already annoyed with me.

The Plot:

Simple as this: there is none. Ok so there is but I don't feel like explaining it because the book jacket probably covers the whole thing. 170 pages in and I'm bored. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.



Ok so that was my short very rant filled review. I just thought I'd review it because....I don't know...to vent I guess.


If you read it and liked it please comment why and maybe you'll change my way of looking at the book but for now....I very much strongly dislike it.

Thank you if you read this and if you have any book suggestions or have any books you want me to review, comment below.

Thank you!





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