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Conscience by R. Campbell (our very own Veritas!!)--a book review

Conscience by R. Campbell (our very own Veritas!!)--a book review

Posted May 27th, 2013 by moonbeam

A Book Review by s
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R. Campbell (Veritas)

Conscience by R. Campbell

           Markel Alexander Lincoln is a man with no conscience. He is unable to experience remorse or feel guilt. Clinically speaking, he is a sociopath. The son of a wealthy politician from Pennsylvania, Markel's life of nonchalance takes a sharp turn for the worse when his guiltless mind is overruled by his sentimental heart. Guilt is a chain, and Markel should be free, but he quickly finds himself a slave to his past and the wicked vice of emotion.

"What does it mean not to feel guilt?"


"What can you do that normal people can't?"




   Hey, guys. Back (not officially, mind you,) for another review. It seems like forever since I've reviewed a book, let alone a brilliant, published story like Conscience. Well, I've gotta tell you--you want to read this one. For sure. It's extremely wonderful and brilliant in several ways. 

R. Campbell (also known as our own, wonderful Veritas) had me awake past midnight reading this story. I've been slave to it ever since the Amazon package came. I found myself etching character's names and doodling manga of them on schoolwork, random notebooks, graph paper. In short, I was obsessed with this book as much as I would be with any nobel prize winning classic. Heck, I recommended it to my book club. This is one you are going to pick up and never want to put down. R. Campbell keeps you on the edge of your seat, even though the book isn't necessarily fast-paced. It moves to it's own rhythm, comfortably moderate at times, and at other times, quick and bursting with action. I found myself stunned with unexpected twists, and lulled by beautiful emotion. I hunger for more of this story.

If I were asked to select a favorite character, I could not. Each had their own flavorful blend of personality, from the good to the bad. Each was beautifully described and put into action throughout each scene. 

R. Campbell is an amazing wordsmith, entertwining distinct descriptors together to form beautiful sentences, paragraphs, and scenes. I cannot get over this story. 

The plot of this story was splendid. Characters were introduced with ease, and scenes faded into each other. R. Campbell made sure everything was understood--there was no confusion as to what was happening, who was talking, why this, or why that. 

Aside from a few scattered typos, I was simply in love with Conscience. 

Good job, Veritas.

Very good job.



Conscience is available on amazon.com

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I am humbled into

I am humbled into speechlessness. 

Posted by Veritas on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 10:57

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