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The Cure for Juvenile Folly

The Cure for Juvenile Folly

Posted February 10th, 2013 by rebecca

A Book Review by Rebec
in Rivendell, the only place in Middle Earth that gets Wi-Fi

Mary Elizabeth

Yes, they add clarity. Yes, they can be good in some places. Yet having brackets, or parathesis if you wish to give them that name, every two lines (exaggeration) can be irritating (or make me want to plunge off a cliff. It depends). And, my number one pet peeve is brackets at the beginning of sentences. I don't care if it isn't wrong, it looks it, it logically should be, and hereby is a crime against humanity. Do you want an actual review now? Okay, okay. Whatever. 

June is an overly sarcastic intellectual girl who has just left mainstream school to some strange arty place. It's cool. Her sarcasm could get very, very irritating in the future. So far it is merely entertaining, but re-reading, I already think about chainsaws. Maybe it's just my violent impulses, or maybe she could be slightly more human, and less cynical irritating cow...like me.

The prologue is a seemingly unrelated rant about stupidity, and the brackets should work, but they don't at all, so stop using them (they detract from sarcasm somewhat, or is this just me?). Seriously. I think we get the picture, so I can review everything else. She moves schools to an artistic place, probably because people in her old school made attempts on her life. So June starts this new school, whoop-de-doop, makes some vague friends, who show her around, and meets some boy who likes William Blake. I like this guy. But June is immensely rude, calling this dude literal minded, basically. This is slightly offensive, because for all she knows, he could be autistic, or maybe just interpreted the words differently and does not want her to impose her view upon him. But that section works, so keep it! 

It isn't quite four stars because some things danced over my head as I read it at a rate of God-only-knows-how-many-words-a-second-and-I'm-not-blaspheming-because-only-God-does-know. And the brackets. TOO MANY! It just doesn't work for this style. Sarcasm and brackets is the worst combination since Arin (character of some fame) and writing. I apologise, Ali. I can't resist these jokes. 


For the author:

Need I mention brackets again? Oh, I can use them in this to make a point. Comedic, no? Write more, at least mention William Blake's greatest work - no prizes for guessing what it is - and make June less irritating. She makes me look un-cynical: if that is a word, of course. So, whatever. End of story.

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Haha, and I'm Arin. But not

Haha, and I'm Arin. But not that Arin. I actually didn't find out that my name was shared with a...strange character. I kind of wish I didn't have this name, but whatever.

An extremely sarcastic and overall hilarious review, Tygress. :D

I never got my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.....So I decided to go to Camp Half Blood and train as a demigod. :D

Posted by DarkHecklefang ... on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 08:13
Very good detail. Too many

Very good detail. Too many brackets....I might have to agree with you there.


"Funerals are for the living."- TheAshWolf

Posted by The Velvet Touch on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 09:33

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