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The Dagger's Wrath

The Dagger's Wrath

Posted July 25th, 2015 by CarabellaGrace

A Book Review by clara
in my bedroom, trying to write.


Summary (may contain spoilers): Wow. Guys, there is a lot going on in this book. It takes place in a fantasy world that is made up of the Darklands and the Lightlands, each having their own respective Houses that rule over them. It starts from the POV of an assassin named Devario, who we later learn is a prince who is the heir of the House Farighan, which is in the Darklands. Later in the story, Devario decides that he does not want to be king, and must remain an assassin, until he learns something completely surprising . . . Next, it goes on to the point of view of a queen of a House in the Darklands, a young queen named Arnanessa who kills whenever she feels like it and later is revealed to have an evil magic. Then it goes on to a POV of an unknown person, whose master is dead because of him/her and who goes around killing people. Next is the point of view of Fravado, who's desperately in love with a girl named Gem. Fravado is the King's Messenger, who lives in the Lightlands, and he soon learns that he has to go on a mission for the Queen (I think, I was a little confused at this part :D). His lover, Gem, comes with him and is killed, and Fravado finds himself wanting power. Then we go into the POV of King Darren, married to the Dark Queen Arnanessa, who goes to find his weapon in these forges. We find out that he also kills when he wants to, but that he still isn't even as evil as his wife. He finds the forges burning, though, and his weapon is lost. Last but not least, there's Butcher, who is the twin of the Captain of Guard for the Dark Queen Arnanessa, who was killed after disobeying her. Butcher knows that the Queen has magic, and after what she'd done to his brother and to the common people he vows to destroy her and her magic, and take control of the palace . . .

Good Points:

  • The world. It was so richly developed. There was obviously a lot of thought and work put into developing the world, and there is so much detail that I know the author has a whole map in his head of this world. I haven't seen a high-fantasy world so developed outside of a published novel, I think. (+ 2 stars)
  • The characters. I feel like we got to know each of them, and you really got inside of their heads and their thoughts with each POV. They are each very interesting and engaging, which is good due to the fact that there are so many different points of views. And I loved the Unknown's POV--it added a sense of mystery to the whole thing and I really can't wait to find out who it is. (+1 star)
  • The action. There was a lot happening in every chapter--there was never a boring section. (+1 star)
  • The plot twist. At the last chapter posted there was an AMAZING plot twist, and I actually just can't stop thinking about it right now. It was really, really well done, a plot twist that I did not see coming but all the same really enjoyed. Wow. (+1 star)

Not-so-good Points:

  • The writing. Don't get me wrong on this--there were parts where I was totally engaged in the writing, where it was flawless. There are flashes of brilliance in this author's writing, and they aren't few and far between, either. But there were also parts where I got rather confused. Sometimes, there are run-on sentences that just get going too far, and it can be a little hard to read. Here's an example:  “Are you dressed, my love?” Fravado asked, politely, smiling at Gem with a perfect grin, like the sun was shining on him with the perfection that he needed, that she needed, that the world needed and more to come was more to experience. The second half of this sentence just kind of . . . drags on, and it becomes a bit unnessecary with all the metaphors. There weren't a lot of sentences like this, though, and I think the author should have no problem fixing this issue. (-1 star)

Overall Review: While the writing can be a little confusing at times, I still feel that this is a well-written piece that I want to see more of (especially after that plot twist :D). Please keep writing this, because I'll be reading! 

Final Rating *drumroll please* *youcanstillseeitatthetopofthepagebutwhatever*: 4 STARS!

Advice for the Author: Maybe just kind of carefully read over what you've written as your writing and try to reign in some of those sentences/metaphors that get a little hard to understand. Other than that, keep writing and keep going with this well-developed world! I really want to see more of this, so post!!! ^-^


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Oh my gosh, you liked it!

Oh my gosh, you liked it! Thank you! Yeah, my writing tends to do that. I tend to lose focus on how long the sentence is actually going to be. I'm glad you liked the plot twist, however! I've got around another seven chapters left to post, I believe, and there are some new characters coming up with new plots so be ready for that!

Posted by Tyrion (Max) on Sat, 07/25/2015 - 17:25
Of course I liked it! (post

Of course I liked it! (post more soon please I'm having, like, withdrawals hehe :D) don't worry about it, with edits I'm pretty sure you can fix it! I do that too sometimes when writing in third person, don't know why. YAY! I can't wait to have more characters/action/stuff! 

Posted by November Sparrow on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 19:14

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