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The Dread Pirate Fluer and the Ruby Heart

The Dread Pirate Fluer and the Ruby Heart

Posted December 15th, 2012 by Author2B

A Book Review by Olivia
in the land beyond the mirror

Sarah Starbuck

Ah! I loved this book! 

The dread Pirate Fluer and the Ruby Heart, the first book in Sarah Starbucks series, is an adventure/historic fiction. 

After her father is murdered by bloodthirsty pirates, young Fluer learns the truth about who he really was-not the inkeeper John Morgan, but the feared pirate Henry Hart, or Henry the Heartless, brother to Fluer's uncle whom she has never met, or known existed, William Hart. Fluer is reluctantly taken in by her Uncle William on his pirate ship. William starts off despising Fluer, as women are bad luck on ships, but he soon finds a place in his heart for the rough and fierce female addition to the Hart family. He finds himself giving Fluer the family history lessins she yearns for, as Fluer never knew she had pirate blood. 

Fluer soon realises that pirate life, life by the sea, was meant for her. She is more than capable of handling life aboard the rough decks, where she is continuously taunted and challenged by pirate bullies bigger and meaner than her. She makes a friend, Tom, Captain Williams loyal cabin boy, who challenged her many times before showing her respect, regardless that she was a girl. However, on William's ship there is also trouble. Peg leg, the worst bully of them all is suspecting that Fluer is a girl and is causing much trouble for Fluer and William. 

Trouble with the legendary Hart staff and the Hart's sworn enemies, the Bloods, is brewing like a storm and mutiny against Williams ship is being talken about. Soon, Fluer, the plucky and rebellious pirate girl will have to use the vast expanse of ships knowledge and incredible fighting skills her father taught her, to survive. Bravery and risks are things that she looks forward too, but can she play along with her uncles plans? Can the last two Harts and Williams crew win against Blood and his?

I definitely reccomend this book. It keeps you in suspense and is very fast paced and action filled. The only downside is that it was a little repeatitive. My warning is that it is quite violent and not reccomended for people under 11. 

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Awesome review! :D I'll try

Awesome review! :D I'll try to read that book. ^___^

By the way, Olivia, you still haven't told me what you would like me to comment on, for winning third place in my poetry contest. Would you mind telling me? :)


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Hi Cherrybomb, I now that

Hi Cherrybomb, I now that this comment is late, but I have not been able to go on kidpub much over the holidays. If you are still looking to comment on my stories, I don't mind what you read of mine. Thanks, Olivia :)



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