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Fight Like a Girl (album review)

Fight Like a Girl (album review)

Posted May 4th, 2013 by AlgebraAddict

A Book Review by Esther

Emilie Autumn



I got bored and listened through FLAG, and so I decided to make an album review.  ^_^  Just for fun, of course.

I first discovered Emilie Autumn by... you know, I have no clue.  The first song of hers I heard was FLAG, the single, and at first I thought it was awful.  I revisited the song a month ago and I realized that it was freaking genius.  So I went through the whole album.  Here is my official review.  /bows/   Oh, one thing I should warn you about is that there is questionable language and content in these songs, but I do think it’s worth it.  Although the whole album is wonderful, these are a few of the more notable ones in my opinion. 

The title and first song, Fight Like A Girl, is more poppy than the rest of the album, but it isn’t a generic love song or anything.  It’s a call to arms for women’s rights.   And guys, don’t freak out on me.  She’s a feminist.  Deal with it.  She makes a statement of herself as unforgiving, ruthless, and shameless in her vengeance on 49 percent of the population.  You know, like, Susan B Anthony?  She’s more like Susan B Anthony with a chainsaw.  Pretty dang epic, if you ask me.  This song does include the F-word, but in a more appropriate manner than those stupid songs that throw it about.  It’s used in the context of rape.  This is also just a nice song to hum to yourself as you plot revenge against those who oppress you daily. 

Time for Tea.  Where do I begin?  This is not a song for the faint-hearted.  This is a song for the slightly (alright, a lot more than slightly) macabre, morbid, and disturbed.  If lyrics such as “One day that little girl may find a filthy metal spike and drive it right in the middle of your forehead” bother you in the least, you can get out.  But if, like me, you enjoy morbidity with a little bloody passion, this is an epic song.  Seriously.  This gives you the image of one of those sweet rag dolls with blood stains and stitched-up eyes that you see at Halloween sales.  And yes, this does include the F-word, and not a subtle little one either.  ;)  By the way, the live version (at Cat’s Cradle) is a heck of a lot better, but that’s just my opinion.  It’s a video worth watching, too. 

Take the Pill is, overall, an amazing song.  It really captures the seemingly irrational fear some of us have of taking pills, losing our control over out body in that way.  It also discusses some of the abuse that mental patients go through with doctors.  Emilie has had, well, first-hand experience with this.  If you would rather not think about these things, by all means, don’t listen to this.  The scary truth is that doctors can really abuse, torture, or rape their patients and, as the song says, “So you’re a doctor, and I’m just a crazy little girl… who would you believe?”  I do understand if you’d rather not listen to this; I did warn you.  But it’s an amazing, scarily true song.  And yes, of course, the F-word, questionable content, all that.  J

Girls! Girls! Girls!  One of my favorite tracks; this is lighter and more jazzy than a lot of the others.  As I said, Susan B Anthony with a chainsaw—and a wicked sense of humor and sarcasm.  It’s about a circus exhibit showing hot, nuts, suicidal girls as freaks of nature.  Like all Emilie’s songs, it’s quite dark, but it’s one of the few songs I can really sit back and laugh at.  They won’t bite—well, they might, I say, this one does look hungry tonight!  It does not contain the F-word, I think, but there is plenty of questionable content in the lyrics.  If you don’t know what female ovulation is, I suggest this is not the time to learn.   XD You have been warned. 

We Want Them Young.  I am not describing this to any of you, because I don’t think I can.  A very psychological song, kind of a horror movie soundtrack kind of thing.  Captures the horror of the Victorian Era asylums.  Absolutely epic, but not for the faint of heart. 

If I Burn is one of my favorite songs.  Not just of the album, but of all time.  Calmer, but just as psychological as We Want Them Young.  If you’re thinking of killing Emilie by this time, this song can give you a fairly good reason not to (icy fingers crawling down your back, etc, etc. XD). The ghostly sounds and violin are freaky, but amazingly beautiful.  Her vocal techniques are very original, and a lot of my friends think they’re straight-up painful to the ear.  There are few songs that can combine horror, fantasy, and beauty.  This is one of them.  This has less questionable content, but it makes up for it in disturbing images.  If you can’t stand this kind of stuff, it’s okay, but you are missing out on one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. 

Scavenger.  Echoing drums and strings combined with the voice of the female grim reaper will send shocks up your spine through and through.  It’s desperate, insane, and madly psychological.  Not a song to listen to before bed, but definitely a song to listen to once in your life, at least.  One of those songs that makes you tighten your stomach; every time she repeats I am a scavenger, it’s spiraling into a dark world of music that I never knew existed before.  There is no questionable language, but if the F-word would freak you out anyway, you have no business listening to this. 

The Key tells a story full of horror, beauty, and darkness.  A story that ends with a call to arms more desperate than the first call to arms in the title song.  This is the song that I feel is the climax of the despairing story of the Asylum.

I love the rest, also, but these are probably my favorites.  If you don’t feel like this is your type of music, don’t make yourself listen to it, but I think there are definitely a few of you who would enjoy this. 


The list of songs is

"Fight Like a Girl"  

2. "Time for Tea"  

3. "4 o'Clock (Reprise)"  

4. "What Will I Remember?"  

5. "Take the Pill"    

6. "Girls! Girls! Girls!"    

7. "I Don't Understand"    

8. "We Want Them Young"  

9. "If I Burn"   

10. "Scavenger"  

11. "Gaslight"    

12. "The Key"    

13. "Hell Is Empty"  

14. "Gaslight (Reprise)"    

15. "Goodnight, Sweet Ladies"  

16. "Start Another Story"    

17. "One Foot in Front of the Other" 







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I don't really like her

I don't really like her voice, but her quotes on goodreads are awesome.

Fear cuts deeper than swords~Syrio Forel / Arya Stark.

Posted by Valar Morghulis... on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 08:09
True.  Her voice takes a

True.  Her voice takes a while to get used to.


Is the earth humming? No. There you go.

Posted by Copil al Intune... on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 13:18

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