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The Great Gilly Hopkins--An Alexa Book Review

The Great Gilly Hopkins--An Alexa Book Review

Posted December 23rd, 2012 by Alexa10

A Book Review by Alexa
in !New Jersey!

Katherine Paterson-I hope?

The Great Gilly Hopkins is a fairly descent book. It was well organized, had awesome detail, but it was a little confusing. I thought it was enjoyable. Definitely read this book if you like Realistic Fiction!

Gilly Hopkins is nobody's kid. She's traveled around the country, living with many people, but not staying there forever. She is getting shipped to her new foster mom, Maime Trotter's, home. Her house is dirty, and theres another boy, who she states 'mentally retarted', living there also. She notices a blind old man named Mr. Randolph living next door.

Gilly has a mother. The reason Gilly is a foster child is unknown. She gets a dirty idea of stealing Mr. Randolphs money. She does not fail. She wants the money so she can escape the Trotter home and ride a bus to San Francisco, California, where her mother lives. By now, Gilly, or Galadriel, has gotten in some trouble.

One Thanksgiving when everybody including Mr. Randolph is sick,  except her. She is known for lying. Her grandmother, a short, stubby woman visits the estate. Gilly lies again to her own grandmother.

Your just going to have to find out the rest. I think it was good, but as I said a little confusing.

I was surprised when my teacher picked this book.

This book has minor cussing(is that even a thing?) It has cussing though. It is for 8-12 year olds. I would think maybe 11-15. Definitely read it though, it's a great read.

I will be coming out with new reviews soon. I just have been busy again.


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