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I lost my mobile at the mall

I lost my mobile at the mall

Posted April 19th, 2013 by Author2B

A Book Review by Olivia
in the land beyond the mirror

Wendy Harmer


Overall, I lost my mobile at the mall was a highly enjoyable novel, written at about the same standard as a teenager. I enjoyed how discriptive it was-particularly the emotions Elly feels when she comes to the conclusion that her boyfriend may be cheating on her. The book was witty and comedic as well, with clever metaphores and humorous moments. My favourite character has to be either Tilly (the logical, sharp and intelligent older sister of Elly) or Carmelita (Elly’s kind, wise and generous best friend who moved away to Queensland with her family). The pages kept you hooked in, on the edge, made you suspect something: as though you were in the main charcters shoes. The only thing that could have been improved is the sometimes repeatitive language. 


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