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Posted June 19th, 2013 by erlomolomo

A Book Review by Emily
in Texas

Catherine Fisher


Most original book ever (by the way)


Plot: Incarceron is the immense, living prison. With no need for gaurds nor cells, Incarceron is cruel and overpowering. Almost none of it's inmates are peaaceful, and even the dead are recycled into cyborhttp://www.kidpub.com/node/add/bookreviewgs, also known as the cell-born. One inmate named Finn, is thought to be one of these half-men. Waking up at age seventeen, Finn remembers nothing of his past, aside from flashes accompanied by fits of severe sickness. Finn, his oathbrother, a small slave, and a Sapient (a supersticouc scolar) set out to escape Incarceron's vast halls. A feat only preformed once before by legendary Sapphique.

Outside the prison is a world put on hold in the 1800's century, despite the amazing advances in technology. The daughter of the warden of Incarceron, Claudia, is destined to marry the selfich prince Casper to form an alliance. But Claudia wants nothing more than to marry who she really loves, Prince Giles. Whom mysteriously died seven long years ago. However, Claudia is determined to find her prince, even if she has to overthrow the forever plotting queen to do so.

The plot was a little too crazy. It had too many conflicts, and the twist was much too predictable. But it'd make a great movie. 5/10

Setting: All the setting were amazing. Well described, astonishing, livable. That is, if you could figure out where you were. The 19th century had two big settings, Incarceron had at least ten. It was very confusing. So first there in a typical prison setting (chains, grime, fights) and then, a golden forest? What? 8/10

Characters: They're a little wierd. Yes, every character had it's own personality and was different, but none of that seemed to matter. They all seemed to do what the plot required of them, whether it seems in their personality or not. The only charecters that were predictable was the evil queen's, and the slave child. And the protags aren't likable at all, either.   7/10

Conflict: Too much. Master's dying, Queens raging, the string of life, cutting off of fingers, killer leaves, evil cake, daddy neglection, soul rings, flying ships, holographic crystal eagles, grain, evil wedding dresses, terudactles made of butterfies, This book has it all! And yes, each one of those was a legit conflict, and yes, there are more. A magical wardrobe would have no trouble fitting in. 5/10

Sci-fi: Very well represented. The explanation of Incarceron was fenamanol. And all the other gatdets and trinkets were cool and reasonable. But the book never explains why the world is stuck in the 1800's. And when the explanation is given, it isn't very good. Maybe it becomes more important in the second book. 9/10

Average: 7/10

Okay, so I noticed how bad I made this book sound. But it is very good. The second book, (Saphique) I am currently reading. And it is very good.



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