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Insurgent Book/Movie Review

Insurgent Book/Movie Review

Posted March 23rd, 2015 by AudrieLau

A Book Review by cali x
in wonderland

Veronica Roth

Disclaimer: spoilers

As always, the book was profoundly better than the movie. 

However, it's hard to compare the two because they're so different. In the book, Tris works to release this message from outside the fence that Jeanine stole from Abnegation. She doesn't want everyone to know the message because she understands that it'll change their society and might possibly end it. In the end, Tris succeeds and the message turns out to be a video of Amanda Ritter explaining to them that the Divergents must exit their city, which turns out to be an experiment, and find some unknown base where more humans are located. 

In the movie, there's this box. 

Tris's parents apparently died to keep this box safe, but now Jeanine has it and is testing Divergents to see who can open it. Surprise, surpise, the one Divergent who can is the one and only, Tris. Once she does open it, the same overall message turns out to be inside the box, which isn't what Jeanine was expecting. She tells the guards to bury it and dramatically exclaims that no one should ever see what's inside because it'd create chaos and the factions would be thrown into turmoil and she'd lose control. She obviously doesn't want that. However, Four appears and links the box to all the monitors in the city and manages to play the message on all of those monitors. 

Jeanine is then taken to a cell and is later shot by Four's mother. 

The problem here is that the books, though don't provide a life lesson or moral theory, were amazing pieces. The storyline was great and the development of the characters were very strong in this one. However, the movie strayed so far from the original storyline and none of that strong character development was added. To say the least, I was disappointed.

Tris and Four's relationships are on the rocks in the book, but everything is swell in the movie. Tris and Christina's relationship basically crumbles beneath their feet, but about 20 minutes later she magically forgives her. For killing her boyfriend. These are important key parts of the evolution of this book series, so I'm wondering if maybe the director and script writer got lazy?

The love between Tris and Four is always present, but their trust is kind of rocky. Where's that rockiness in the movie? Where's that emotional heartache? Where's the pain and the self-torture? Then later on, where's the forgiveness?

Maybe I'm just biased because I walked in with such high expectations and I was completely underwhelmed while watching the movie. I advise anybody who wants to see the movie and read the book to see the movie first so you're not as disappointed. 

I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars for a good read, and I rate the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars for an overall bland watch. 

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yeah this pretty much sums

yeah this pretty much sums my thoughts up



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damn i'm supposed to go and

damn i'm supposed to go and see this tomorrow

but it sounds really bad now


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