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this isn't about the money

this isn't about the money

Posted December 31st, 2007 by jinxxgir

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A Book Review by Robin
in Achaea

sally warner

this book is about a girl named janey and in one night her and little sister yoyo become orohans and here is a small part of the book

her head hurt."my head hurts," she tried to say aloud, slmost as an experiment, but the words could not make there way past her lips.and there was something even more important than the hurting,janey thought suddenly,somthing she has to remember.she shook the last grains of sand from her hand and-as if it might help her memory-she touched her face.

why,she wondered, was she sitting cross-legged on the cold sand in the desert in the middle of the night?.

i loveed this book and i hope many people enjoy it.

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