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The Land of Stories book series [highly recommend!]

The Land of Stories book series [highly recommend!]

Posted April 29th, 2015 by mysterygirl

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A Book Review by Red Riding Hood (Jojo)
in somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, trying to find my way to Granny's.

Chris Colfer

The Land of Stories book series is a charming book about a magical world where fairytales come to life. It has many different characters, all with different personalities.

Alex and Connor Bailey are twins and the two main characters. They are accidentally transported to the world, the Land of Stories, in the first book. There they meet Froggy.

Like Alex, Froggy is neat and orderly. He used to be a man but was cursed to be a frog. There's secret for you to discover.

Queen Red Riding Hood, Queen of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom and a personal favorite of mine, is a outgoing and quick tempered woman. She loves helping her friends and doesn't mind getting dirty, as long as it is for the good of her world.

Goldilocks, a run away fugitive, is pretty much opposite of Red. She is strong and brave, and doesn't mind getting into trouble or running from the law. She and Red keep arguing but they manage. Overall she's a lovely person. "Be brave. Courage is one thing that no one can take away from you." -Goldilocks.

Jack, is somewhat like Goldilocks. He's a hero, and a good axe man. And he'll do anything to be with the love of his life. Another secret to be discovered.

Those are the main characters. There's other fun characters such as the Third Little Pig, or Queen Cinderella.

Now you know the main characters, time for the books. So far Chris Colfer has made three books though his fourth one is coming out July 7, 2015.

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell is the first book to the series. It talks about Alex and Connor's first journey to the world and their quest to come back to our world. It's funny and tragic at the same time.

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns is the second book. It's about how Alex and Connor longed to go back to the fairytale world. Soon they get their wish! Sorta. Their mom is kidnapped but no one knows by whom. The kids get themselves into mischief and bump back into the gang, ready for another quest to save the world. (It has a very sad ending!!!)

The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning is the third book and my favorite so far. You can definitely tell Chris Colfer gets better and better at his writing. Anyways, the fairytale world is in trouble... Again. Are Alex and Connor capable of leading the armies against a 200 year old enemy? This book is filled with goofiness, romance, and whole lot more magic. (Spoiler: it includes Europe!)

The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms is the fourth book and will be released July 7, 2015. So start pre-ordering!

But why do I love this book series?

Well, Chris Colfer is remarkable at describing everything. It all seems so real. I love a good author who can do that.

Second, the characters are so realistic. He makes them with different personalities yet they are able to connect with each other.

Lastly, I find it hard for an author to use fairytales and put them in their own book. Why? Because fairytales are already someone else's story and it already has it's own plot and characters. Chris Colfer has been able to use these fairytales without ruining the original story. I find that something hard to do.

I highly recommend this. I actually managed to get 5 other people to start reading this series because I highly recommended, and they all love it! If you have any questions about this series, please comment and I'll do my best to answer it. Enjoy and happy reading! :D

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