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Posted November 16th, 2012 by JLamarMichaelC

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A Book Review by Jonnah Z. Kennedy(Jeffrey)
in Texas

Michael Grant

First of all, may I congratulate Mr. Grant on writing such an amazing series. Next, I want to say that Lies was totally awesome.

But, this book is actually only getting a 4.25, because quite frankly- no lies- this book kind of fell off. It wasn't a Mockingjay, God if it was...Anyways, Lies was good, but I feel as though Grant was starting to fall off from where he once stood in Gone. I don't know if its just because Gone was the first book, it was easier to manage, or if its just because alot of us readers don't like seeing a lot of struggling where the kids are literally about to die from starvaiton and are getting more and more torn between Freaks and Normals. Excuse my use of those words, but I literally just got done reading it. So lets start with it shall we? For the past two books, Grant has been using the usual countdown to something. This time it was just like the first book, we were counting down to a birthday, which happened to be Mother Mary's. I think that this was wonderful place to go to since she was of such vital importantance to the series, but the thing is that I felt kind of, you know, un satisfied with the way this one ended. For one thing the battle wasn't even that huge, and the end was spretty shocking only because Grant used some key elements of a shocking and thrilling ending. For one thing he revealed something that was easily predicted earlier in the novel, that Drake can't die. I have to give him props because ofr one thing I am scared as hell of Drake- like everytime they mentioned Drake or there was  Drake scene I was shivering all over. Another thing I would like to say is I like, but I don't like, how he combined Brittany and Drake. I hope in Plague he explains that a bit better, also I think that, that one was a bit much. Throughout the series we have seen him cause some pretty hellish crap inside that dome of theirs, but that I think, was going a little to far.

Another key point I want to go over, is the fact that Sam kind of turned intoa milder version of Bella in the first wfew Twilight movies(not that I have anything against them, I love Twilight). I understand he'd been through a lot of crap in the past few novels, but around the end he was just kind of moping around, even in th eearlier books, when he was liket his he didn't run away from his battle. Thats just my opinion by the way. Also I felt that Grant purpolsy repeated Sams situation with Astrid, only on a lighter level. I felt that, that was unessisary, and I felt that he could have written it some other way. Still he wrote a pretty nice new story for our Astrid.

One thing I noticed though about Lies is that, well, there wern't any real lies going around. Sure they were trying to hide to fact that they thought Orsay wasn't a real prophetess, and that Drake might be back, but honestly I was expecting major betrayals and  huge riots in this one dude. I was expecting more than just a fire from this one. And that something I want to talk about as well. The Fire of Perdido Beach wasn't exactly anything extrodinarily life changing to the series, even after the fire it seemed as though there wasn't really a devistation over the town. I think maybe that's just because it was only a few hours after, but usualy Grant would be bringing on the mayham and the chaos a few minutes later! I think that Lies moreso read like a TV Movie/Movie because of a lot of factors like the ones listed above. The book was pretty great though, I mean he introduced a few new characters, he pushed Caine and Diana's relationship to the limits, and he even let the Dome come up for a few seconds at the very end which was VERY shocking because he even gave a little desctiption of what had happened outside of the Dome over the past few months.

Now, a point that I want to bring up as well, not to continuously procrasinate, but the plot in this one was a bit repetitive and repitiious of Hunger. And I think thats just because, quite literally, Lies is just a bridge between Hunger and Plague. It literally contiues the story of Hunger. Its almost like Lies could have been the extra 400 pages in Hunger, describing what happens next. Lies is the actual book in the series that you can't quite understand without reading Hunger. You could understand Hunger without reading Gone, I mean not a lot like if you had, but still understand it enough, but Lies can't really stand alone like the other two can.

Now, this next one is something that I really liked about how he wrote this one though. He foreshadowed a WHOLE NOTHER book! Lies is a extreme foreshadowing of Plague, people are coming down with a flu and its spreading pretty fast. Its the perfect setup for Plague. Thats why it makes ense for Plague to come one month after Lies because, like I said before, Lies is just a bridge book, the book that really tells the contiunious story from Hunger. Overall, I do think that Lies could have been a lot better, and that hopefully Plague will live up to the hype, the overpowering and emoitional drama that has gone on before Plague has to be contiued in Plague. So I hope you all enjoyed this little review here, and see you next time.

PS. The next chapter of Hero is pretty long and is going to take up 3 parts instead of 2, hope you are all ready for Chapter Five, Decisions!

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Actually, I thought Lies was

Actually, I thought Lies was tied with Gone being the best. Both introduce the politics of their new world, and the sub-plots come together quite nicely in this book. After finishing Fear, I cannot wait for Light. Grant does such a great job delivering the political aspect to his sci-fi series, I can't wait to review the whole thing after Light.


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