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Life as I Know It: Adira Doyle

Life as I Know It: Adira Doyle

Posted August 3rd, 2015 by CarabellaGrace

A Book Review by clara
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Puckbrina159 (or Camille)

Summary (may contain spoilers): Life as I Know It: Adira Doyle is the journal of a girl named (obviously :P) Adira Doyle. Her life isn't all sunshine and rainbows: she doesn't have a lot of friends, and she's rather depressed. In the second chapter, though, she makes her first friend that she's had in a while: a puppy named Milo, one of the first bright spots in her life. But just as things start going well, she's called to the front office and learns some terrible news . . . (sorry this is a short summary, but there are only four chapters out so yeah :D)

Good Points:

  • The writing. It's not perfect, but that's what I like about it. It genuinely feels like the diary of a teenage girl. I think the author has captured Adira's voice and it's really fun to read that way, I really liked the writing. (+2 stars)
  • Adira herself. She's not your typical teenage girl, which is my favorite thing about her. She says what is on her mind, to her diary at least, and even though her life isn't perfect, she's still spunky--although just as pessimistic as the situation calls for, which is another thing I love about this character. The other characters we haven't gotten a chance to know yet, but Adira is pretty well-developed what with there only being four chapters out. (+2 stars)
  • Adira's situation. She doesn't have a lot of friends and isn't very optimistic about her life or the future. While this isn't great for Adira, it makes for an entertaining read, because you want to know whether or not her life improves. It's really original, too: she doesn't have cancer or hasn't been in a car crash, which is the typical tragic situation for teenage books these days. Instead, she just doesn't have a lot of friends, which is a situation that more real people are probably in. (*cough* there is something else that happens to her but I won't give it away because I'm nice and you guys should go read it to find out yourself *cough*) (+1 star)

Not-so-good Points:

  • The writing. Yes, I know I'm contradicting myself here. Like I said, the author has totally gotten Adira's voice down. But, as the chapters go on, the writing starts to feel less like a journal and more like a book, instead of holding that diary feel that I really liked in the beginning. It has only happened in the last few chapters though and I'm sure the author will be able to fix it, so this isn't a big deal :) (-1 star)

Overall Review: Even though the writing begins to feel less like a journal and more like an actual book, I've learned from reading this that the author is very capable and that this can be improved really easily. With an interesting main character, this is definitely a book I recommend! :D

Final Rating *drumroll please*: 4 STARS!

Advice for the Author: Look through what you've been writing and maybe add a bit more of Adira's personality into it, make it feel a little more like a diary. Of course, it is up to you on whether or not you want it to feel like a journal, so this isn't a big deal and I have every confidence that this will be a great book. Keep writing it and keep posting because I will be reading :)


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THANK YOU! I'll take your

THANK YOU! I'll take your advice in to consideration and I'm really glad that you like it so far. :D

Posted by Camille on Mon, 08/03/2015 - 16:15
You're welcome! it was a

You're welcome! it was a really good read :)

Posted by November Sparro... on Mon, 08/03/2015 - 16:17
 I actually did notice

 I actually did notice myself how the style is kind of changing in to a book rather than a journal, and I'm trying to work on that. :)

Posted by Puckbrina159 on Mon, 08/03/2015 - 16:18

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