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The Life of Pi (an amazing book that's hitting the big screen)

The Life of Pi (an amazing book that's hitting the big screen)

Posted November 24th, 2012 by gafreeman

A Book Review by Ms.Ebony
in the observable universe

Yann Martel

Well i can't wait to tell you how wonderfull it is

but i can't tell you everything (no spoiler alert I am just going as far as is goes on the back cover summary)

Pi, who's real name is Piscine Patel, is a teenage Indian boy who lives, in India. He goes to school and does other normal things, but even at the very start you can tell that he does not live a completly normal life. For starters, his dad is a zoo keeper, who owns a zoo where Pi lives. It is the best kind of zoo, with a friendly atmosphere and insteresting animals. From a young age Pi learns about how to care for the animals and the dangers of the animals, especially th tiger. He gets unterested in religoin, and even though he starts as a Hindu, adds Christian and Muslim to his list later on. He loves all three of his religoins and becomes a religous young boy.

Then, he moves. His dad takes his family and zoo and plops it on a cargo ship on the way to Canada, to start a new life in the Americas. But sadly, the ship sinks, killing everyone except Pi, who manages to get on a lifeboat. The bad news is, the lifeboat is also a haven for a hyena, zebra, orangataung, and yes a tiger. The other animals are, finished and Pi is left alonewith the dangerous tiger. He is a boy who has to survive alone on the pacific ocean, he nneds food, he needs water, he needs sustanace. And he needs to make sure the tiger doesn't finfish him too.

This book starts out interesting and very mental, driving the plot deep into your soul. it is genius and fun but serious, it makes you one with the book. And then the adventure starts. It is simple but alive, flat but true. Wouldn't you rather read something tht even though it lacks major battle scenes and murder, takes you and puts you on that lifeboat, so you can experience the adventure the is survival. It makes you want more more more. I read a quote on this book that said "it's difficult to stop once the page run out" and this is because you are not reading this story, you are in the story, you are the story. It discoveres the most primal urge and thoughts within you, you truly live the book. And hw hard is it to pull yourself out of your own life huh? If we could just pull away from our lives when it got bad, what then?

Once you have read it you will live the book, breathe the book, and be the book. And if you think it sounds good so far, just wait until the twist comes. I'll warn you, it's unexpected, and a twist may noy only happen once.

This was great, i loved it, five stars. I'm seeing the movie in a little over a week. I review that too

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Sounds amazing! ~Ena Born of

Sounds amazing!


Born of a seed that beats like a heart...

Posted by EnaOfTheFlames (TDC) on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 10:53
We're about to start reading

We're about to start reading this in English class! You just got me really exited to start reading! :3

Guess what. I've got a fever and the only cure is... MORE COWBELL! -Best of Will Ferrel, SNL

Posted by ToriLuv (Victoria) on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 15:10

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