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Lionboy trilogy

Lionboy trilogy

Posted April 24th, 2007 by Gracie-Gee

A Book Review by Grace

Zizou Corder

I loved the trilogy Lionboy. The books are called Lionboy, Lionboy: The Chase and Lionboy: The Truth. It is soooo cool! I LOVE it! I love it because it has so much detail and the storyline is so imaginative. It's about a boy called Charlie who speeks Cat. His parents are kidnapped one day. He sets of in a big adventure meeting many interesting characters on the way. In the story he meets a crew of a floating circus in Paris, six beautiful lions, a lion tamer called Maccomo and many other people. You would be missing a great masterpiece if you didn't read it. You just have to read it or I’ll haunt you in your dreams… Ha, ha, ha… ( just joking :D )

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