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Logan (2017)

Logan (2017)

Posted March 5th, 2017 by SuperJ

A Book Review by AuthorMind(Justin)
in Camp Half-Blood

James Mangold

To begin, i'll note that this is apparently Hugh Jackman's last portrayal as Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Warning: Rated R with lots of gore.


His performance hits you in the gut! He gave every line, movement, and stare his all. I'd say that for retiring, Hugh nailed Old Man Logan and did his film family proud. The franchise ran for 17 years (I believe)! To pass the story over to Dafne Keen is a massive deal if I do say so myself. 


Let's start off with a good description, shall we? 

The year is 2029 and Logan finds himself working as a chauffeur in a near mutant-free dystopia. Charles Xavier needs heavy caretaking. His school is gone and he basically holds guilt for unspeakable acts done on his beloved X-Men before the movie's events. Thanks to aging and a brain disease that throws his telepathic powers out of control, Charles resides in a remote smelting plant with albino and fellow-mutant Caliban. 

Logan struggles with caring for Charles while also being sick. He is stripped away of his healing factor and the adamantium metal in his body now poisons him. Donald Pierce, Transigen chief of security, approaches Logan with a job offer. Although Logan first refuses, he continues to be followed because a Transigen nurse seeks his help to transport a child, Laura, to a safe haven called "Eden" in North Dakota.

Laura is said to be another mutant. Logan doesn't believe in any newer mutants. Amid the conflict of attempting to remain solo, Logan gets caught up in issues involving Laura where her nurse is killed and Donald's team of Reavers aims to exterminate their lab experiment. Caliban is kidnapped. Charles rides with Logan, in possession of the little girl, and they learn of her life in the Transigen compound. 

In pursuit, Logan escapes and understands that Transigen bred mutant children with DNA samples from multiple other mutants, Logan being one of them, and that Laura is his daughter. Transigen no longer requires the lab children and thus wants to eliminate every subject. Charles encourages Logan to take Laura to Eden. 

As they venture, Logan sees how similar Laura is to him. She is a badass with two claws instead of his iconic three (from the knuckles), and Laura can protrude defensive spikes from her feet. Need I say more?

I don't provide spoilers. The rest of the movie is awesome. 

I only wish there were more powers to show in the film besides Charles, Logan, and Laura's so much. Having so many X-Men dead is sorta sad...however this is the story based off of the comics so I respect the writer's and director's loyalty.







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