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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska

Posted June 23rd, 2015 by Alexa10

A Book Review by Alexa
in !New Jersey!

John Green

Wow. How can I explain Looking for Alaska? This book blew my mind. It was a perfect representation of teenage life and the struggles, heartbreak, and triumph of it. I was expecting to read average John Green literature--fantastic writing, well-developed characters, mature themes. But, I was surprised. What I read was probably his most difficult book. The reading level was noticibly harder, but still easy enough to capture readers in with no hesitation. Miles is a nerd. He is a lanky high-schooler that barely fits in at his Florida school. He decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama called Culver Creek to seek his "Great Perhaps". Miles has a hobby of reading biographies and memorizing famous peoples' last words. When he meets a beautiful girl named Alaska at his new boarding school, his experience changes from an academic adventure to a love story. What will happen between them? How will Miles fit in? When I finished this book, I was definitely impressed. Not only was it beautifully crafted, but it was beautifully written. From skimming the notes at the back of the novel, Mr. Green showed the readers his everlasting effort to pinpointing the exact dates that he wanted events to occur. His characters were crafted expertly. They acted just how any teenager would act; daring, mischievious, and crazy. Every character in Looking for Alaska had a special personality that made the reader feel close to them. Overall, I'd rate this a strong 5/5. Worth a read if you are a fan of John Green's other works or a fan of Young Adult fiction. Just be aware: this book has some mature themes and strong language. Other than that, you will love it! Enjoy!

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Hahaha, you think that

Hahaha, you think that writing is hard to read? I could hardly it to page 46 in Les Mis :3 but yes, this is a good book.


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Posted by Black Tyger on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 18:25
I was trying to say that

I was trying to say that some content was a little hard to read when it's filled with mostly f-bombs and sorts. LOL. I feel your pain with Les Miz, I read a chapter of The Odyssey by Homer, put it down and said "nahhh".




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Posted by Alexa on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 18:36
Haha, I'm not interested in

Haha, I'm not interested in old classics. But Les Mis really is a good book, once you get into it :3


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Posted by Black Tyger on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 20:15
This review actually has me

This review actually has me pretty interested in this novel you love so much. It sounds pretty freakin' good! I'll check it out sometime :)


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Posted by Lazy Bones on Sun, 07/12/2015 - 19:25

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