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Margaret And The Moth Tree

Margaret And The Moth Tree

Posted April 6th, 2013 by cupcake777

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A Book Review by ~Shadowsong~
in My own magical world... watching hedgehogs fly

Brit and Kari Trogen

5 and above book! This book is a must read. Really!!!  Here's what the book's about:

When the Concerned Ladies Club sends Margaret Grey to the cheery Hopeton Orphanage, all is not as it seems. Instead of a home, Margaret finds herself under the terrifying reign of Miss Switch, the beautiful Matron

whose deep-rooted hatred for dregs -- unwanted children -- is matched for her creative forms of cruelty. Margaret: her exceptional sense of hearing, which leds her to a mysterious, throny brush on the orphanage

 grounds. With newfound bravery and a secret friend, Margaret concocts a plan to defeat Miss Switch once and for all. Now that's it about the book, hope you like it!

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