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The Maze Games

The Maze Games

Posted May 9th, 2013 by Arthurboulos

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A Book Review by ilvermorny (sam)
in the false nirvana

Jeffrey Clemmons

Summary: Daniel McGaw wakes up in a mysterious maze filled with adventure and danger. He protects and fights other people in the maze. 

Age: Probably ages 10+ This book is scary and decriptive at parts.

Love: Daniel loves a girl. Their love is very powerful in the book. He sacrifices himself for her and then she sacrifices herself for him and it it very strong.

About the Author: Jeffrey Clemmons lives in Rockwall, Texas. You will find him reading one of a plethora of books, writing or trying to be accustomized with other languages.

Blurb: Daniel McGaw wakes up on a cold har floor in a giant maze that seems to be alive, instantly thrown into a dangerous world where death is very real. Partnered with a girl named Cynthia and a boy named Byron, Daniel quickly discovers that they have supernatural powers, which would either destroy or save the world. Chased by a strange darkness, they call the creature, Daniel relctantly becomes the leader of the small group that must uncover gruesome truthes, live throuh deathly betrayals and defeat death itself.

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