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Mekakucity Actors - Anime!!! (You'd Love It)

Mekakucity Actors - Anime!!! (You'd Love It)

Posted July 11th, 2016 by SuperJ

A Book Review by AuthorMind(Justin)
in Camp Half-Blood

Jin, Illustrated by Sidu

Okay, I want to be precise...because if I mess this up, I'll confuse the heck out of you. Nonetheless, my goal is to try and get you to watch! 


 Mekakucity Actors is based off a series of songs, known as the Kagerou Project by Jin.  Out of the five stars I gave the anime, the soundtrack for sure influences that opinion. You'll fall for the music instantly.

Excuse me (I feel bad for not knowing confidently), but I believe each character has a song dedicated to them from the Kagerou Project

Anyway, yes the anime has a bunch of catchy tunes in it, yet the art sold me when I began to watch. Unlike other shows, the art simply expresses how much work was definitely put in to achieve the overall feel. I could talk about it all day, you just have to see to experience what I mean.

My bio shows some pictures of the show because I guess I'm a sappy fan :P ~lol

The story content goes pretty far, so I'm going to slowly and easily explain some important pieces.

It all revolves around some powerful snakes. Azami, a full blown Medusa, simply wishes for her family to be safe (consisting of a human husband, mixed daughter, and mixed granddaughter who is 1/4 Medusa). An attack at her earthly home, just as Azami creates a never ending world called the Heat Haze Daze, causes her to associate humans with unhappiness.

She chooses to live with her snakes in the Heat Haze Daze solo and originally got the idea to create it from one particular snake who must've been the smartest...and most deceitful. Her plan was to keep her family there to live happily. Anyone who died on August 15 would enter the Heat Haze Daze.

Azami's daughter and granddaughter, Marry, get murdered following said events. She wishes Marry could at least receive a second chance at life, and decides to send a queen snake to possess her to give her that chance. Continuing are the major events of the show and how a band of possessed teenagers copes with their snake powers.

This "Blindfold Gang," (since their powers include red changing eyes), owns individual abilities representing one of Azami's special snakes. Loads of drama come where members meet and the main character, a hermit teenage boy named Shintaro, finds himself as an official comrade.

The character in the show who is most like me I'd have to say is Seto! *Whoo* 

Prepare yourself for lots of head tilts (lol literally). 

I had tons of fun watching and didn't want it to end, but despite not reading the light novels, I know the anime goes a bit differently. Enjoy crazy powers? Enjoy teenage angst? Watch Mekakucity Actors! 



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