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Minerva Clark gets a Clue

Minerva Clark gets a Clue

Posted August 28th, 2007 by Kazel

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A Book Review by Lezak
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This book really ROCKS! I love it! It's a mystery book, which for me, is something new, but it's not your regular mystery.

It's set in a town, don't ask which, where lives a girl by the name of Minerva Clark. It's pretty domestic mystery, but I'm not saying it's the Westing Game or anything. It all starts when she gets picked up by her perfect (or so it seems) cousin, Jordan who stops at a book store with a guy working the counter named Dwight. After the book store, Jordan gets pulled over and finds out someone stole her identity! Mysteriously after that, Dwight is found DEAD!
And that's where the mystery starts.....
Who killed Dwight?
Who stole Jordan's Identity?
Does Kevin Snowden REALLY likes Minerva?
Oh! So many questions in a book just chop full of humor and relistic situations. I suggust you read this is if you like realistic fiction.

PS There's a ferret too! Go Jupiter!

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Whoa, I've heard of this,

Whoa, I've heard of this, but I thought it was a bouncy light little mystery like the Nancy Drew Notebooks. Boy, was I wrong. Murder?.....

Posted by Maddy on Tue, 08/28/2007 - 22:48
Yeah, of course it is like

Yeah, of course it is like domestic, but yeah, there's murder. It is pretty light but I still love it! It's not a : Oh no! Who ate the cherry pie?! Mystery.

Posted by Kazel on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 11:13
yeah, those are totally

yeah, those are totally fluffy and boring. :D

Posted by Maddy on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 21:13

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