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My Mother's Ghost

My Mother's Ghost

Posted April 26th, 2007 by Natashaannalibby

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A Book Review by Tasha
in the Southern Water Tribe, stalking Sokka

Margaret Buffie

This was a very moving book. And very interesstingly writen. Each chapter has two parts. The first part is writen as every average story. But the second part of each chapter is writen in the form of a journal.

This is the story line in the first part of the chapter: Jessica (Jess) is 16-years-old and her 12-year-old brother, Scotty, just died.
Her family moved to the country, on a horse ranch, hoping for a fresh start. But her family is a mess. Her father is really ignorant and her mother just lies in bed all day. Jess is sad but is keeping it all in.
And then her family thinks her mother is crazy. She says she sees the ghost of Scotty!Her mother might need medical attention, but Jess' father is ever so ignorant.

This is the story line for the second part of the chapter: Ian Shaw is 14-years-old, but he is crippled, and is sort of ill. His family moved from England to Canada, and now live on a ranch. But Ian hates his mother. She won't let him ride horses, or evan keep a journal (so he has to hide it).
But since his mother if a housewife, which means she helps woman deliver babies, when she has to go out on call for a few days, he and his father have a secret little life, where Ian can ride horses and all.

And you know what the twist is? Ian's journal is about 100 hundred years old! His family was the first owners of Jessica's ranch.
In the end, the two stories mix in a tale of ghosts and deaths. It's moving, but not extremly sad or scary.

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mmmm... yeah, I think i will

mmmm... yeah, I think i will read that. It sounds good.

Posted by Susmi on Fri, 04/27/2007 - 11:31

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