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The Overlords

The Overlords

Posted January 3rd, 2013 by rebecca

A Book Review by Rebec
in Rivendell, the only place in Middle Earth that gets Wi-Fi

Maxi and MaggieMay

This is the first  cowritten book I have read for some time and honestly, it has me intrigued. From the minute I started reading, perhaps the only thing I disliked was the layout, which I had to work around. But it was good. Oh, was it worth my time. There are occasional blips in the writing style that I find a bit average...and errors, but they were nothing, really.

From what I know so far, our protagonist is a girl called Farah, who is perfectly normal and extremely intelligent. She, like most of us nerdish species, is not too good at PE. So far, not much has happened to her - aside from the discovery of a strange stone. Her chapters are written by MaggieMay.

The strange prologue, which introduces at least one 'overlord', Xavier, was also written by Maggie. It was of a very high standard, setting the scene and drawing readers in. For a child's writing, this is very good. I am fond of this Xavier character, even if he is an antagonist, the death of his wife shows he could easily be a very real person. Maxi's chapter mentions someone called Crystal, but this is very mysterious, and could be a subsection of the prologue. It was probably the best section. Then came the next piece, about Farah, at school, which did seem a bit detatched from the rest of the story, but it lines up a promising plotline.

It is good, when it is thought of as children's writing. It is not quite of the standard to be a five. The reason  I rate it a four, then, also includes the possible cliches found in it. It will be a good story, but my preferred reading would naturally be far different, and with less reality. 


For the authors:

Well, not much to say. Communicate better to make the layout work more, make sure the chapters flow properly, and edit each others work. It will generate quite a few surprises. Use some more sophisticated words to describe things. With some editing, this could be an amazing cowritten book.

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I have to admit I was never

I have to admit I was never aware you did a review on this. O____O

Thank you, though...even if it is kind of old. I read it through the other day and shuddered.

"All of life is an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye." ~Piscine Molitor Patel, Life of Pi

Posted by MaggieMay. on Fri, 05/31/2013 - 19:11

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