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Posted October 24th, 2007 by Maximum2448

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A Book Review by Max (The First)
in where she feels like she belongs

Liz Tigelaar

Ever feel like your sister is the one to be like? the popular role model? Has more friends that are cool then you will probably ever have? Well welcome to the life of Charlie Brown.
Charlie's sister, Krista is the sister of her worst nightmares. She played soccer as a starting striker and had a boyfriend who played on Beachwood's football team. High School sucked for Charlie...and thanks to her sister; so did spending time at home.
When both Charlie and Krista get recruited to play for the school soccer teamthe fights and competitions begin...prettyTOUGH is their story of sisterhood and high school horrors...

This book is AWESOME! I bought it last night and couldn't put it down!
The story was well written and you could really relate to it...I'm reading it again and again...I'm even having my mom read it!

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