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Posted March 21st, 2013 by BriannaH

A Book Review by Abbey
in lost in the world of YA


The prologue is from Red Riding Hood's POV. She's being chased by men and then gets caught and turned into some sort of creature. Chapters one and two are narrated by Scarlett as she goes through everyday life. I give this a four because of some stuff not being explained and some scenes being skipped when they didn't need to be. The stuff not being explained isn't huge, but I felt that throughout the story there were places where bits of the characters' backstories could've been added, especially in the prologue. The skipped scenes part was just in the first chapter, when the story would go from one place to another to another when instead some connecting words could've been used to lengthen chapters and add more description. For the author: Explain some stuff a bit more and write out the skipped scenes from the first chapter. Keep writing!

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Sorry, Lena, for the crappy

Sorry, Lena, for the crappy review. I would've made it better if the story had've been longer. And my computer wasn't letting me press enter so I had to make it all one paragraph. So sorry - this definitely isn't my best review. If you don't like it I understand.                         Want to have your book reviewed? Click here --> http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/me-myself-and-book-reviews-17...

Posted by Rochelle Goyle ... on Thu, 03/21/2013 - 21:36
Thank you for the review!

Thank you for the review! I'll work on what you said :D


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Posted by City Lights {Lena} on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 17:07

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