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The Riddles of Epsilon

The Riddles of Epsilon

Posted June 19th, 2007 by Mory

A Book Review by idontusethissiteanymore
in State

Christine Morton-Shaw

I LOVED this book! I tried reading it when I was like nine and hated it, but then I picked it up while procrastinating on cleaning my room, and read to page like 99. I couln't put it down. It is fantasy, but it isn't like witches and warlock and what not. It is really, really good. It is also a mystery. The only thing I didn't really like was the epilogue, and the ending was a little too fantasy for me...but I still couln't put it down. It is about a girl named Jess who meets a person named "V" in a chat room. Jess was chatting with her friend is a private room, but "V" comes in and Jess' friend Avril can't see "V" but Jess can. Then, she goes to an old cabin...find a bucket. It might sound really weird, but its just that it is hard to explain. You should read it (but if you HATE fantasy, I mean really HATE it, then maybe you shouldn't)

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