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The Ride Of Your Life

The Ride Of Your Life

Posted March 3rd, 2019 by MonkMonk

A Book Review by Ava
in California

P.J Night

Gabby is so excited to see her BFF Sydney.

She flies to Sydney's New home in Iowa hoping for a great time! 

But when thing start going strangely, Gabby wants to Chicken!

It's all because of a Fair that is broken down in the day, but amazing at night!

Seems like something's wrong with these never seen before kids in a small town.

And does something weird come over the usual shy girl Sydney?

And why is there only one worker in the whole place?

Is there something the usual brave Gabby doesn't realize, or is this place really magic.....



I couldn't put this book down! It was a 142 page awesome book!

This Author inspires me to write horror books sometimes.

The Series is called, "You're Invited To A CREEPOVER." 

This book wasn't as scary as the other books in the Series so far, but definetly fun and spooky!

The Ending was a totally awful,disappointing, and annoying cliffhanger, but I am not going to spoil it!

I highly recommend this Book for people who love horror and fun at the same time.




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