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The Rise of the Guardians

The Rise of the Guardians

Posted November 23rd, 2012 by toriluv91750

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A Book Review by tori
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Movie: Rise of the Guardians

Company: Dreamworks

My Rating: 4.8

Summary:(SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) Rise of the Guardians starts out with Jack Frost, the main protagonist of the movie, making a snow day for kids and starting a snowball fight. Unfortunalty, nobody beleives in him, so he is invisible to everyone. Meanwhile, up at the North Pole, Santa's globe is attacked by the Boogie Man-or Pitch Black-the antagonist of the movie. Santa calls together the Guardians-the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy-to help in defeating this enemy. A new guardian is chosen my the man in the moon. This Guardian is Jack Frost. Everyone disagrees with this decision, even Jack. Throughout the whole movie, Jack ponders the question of who he is, and why he is Jack Frost. He questions the man in the moon throughout the movie of why he was chosen. The memories of who he was before he was Jack Frost are kept in his baby teeth, which were stolen by Pitch Black. Pitch uses these to lure him into his trap and ruining Easter. However, when Jack goes back in his memories, he discovers why he was chosen as not only Jack Frost, but a Guardian. He uses this new discovery to defeat Pitch and restore happiness and hope to the children of the world. 

My Review: Rise of the Guardians was, in my opinion, one of the best Dreamworks movies since Shrek. I personally like it more than How to Train Your Dragon. However, at the end, it was sort-of confusing. Plus, I found the whole 'Man in the Moon' thing a little wierd. It might be a little scary for younger kids, but not too scary. It gets sad in the middle, but that isn't a reason not to go see it. This movie is defidently a great family movie and I recomend it to everyone. 

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Sounds cool! My mom's

Sounds cool! My mom's getting it on DVD when it comes out.


Born of a seed that beats like a heart...

Posted by EnaOfTheFlames (TDC) on Fri, 11/23/2012 - 18:25
Sounds like a good movie.

Sounds like a good movie. Awesome review:)

Okay, here's my theory: Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are actually Capitol citizens who couldn't stand The Hunger Games, so they invented a time machine and traveled back to our time and became pop stars. O.O

Posted by Lena on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 12:53

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