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Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

Posted February 2nd, 2015 by hv39clues

A Book Review by Scarlett
in my fictional world

David Lubar

I actually finished reading this book this afternoon. It's awesome. David Lubar writes in a first peson view about a boy entering his first year of high school. The boy (Scott) decides that school is overwhelming enough with the seniors who will hit or push you if you're not careful, and the dramatic girls. It gets worse, though when his mom announces that she is pregnant. Deciding that high school would be much easier with a survival guide, Scott decides to write one for his future sibling, being a writer and all.

In my opinion, it's hilarious, and a little sad in some parts. I just have to warn you,though It has some language in it, so ya. I'll definetely give it five stars. Great job, David Lubar.

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