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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Posted February 14th, 2008 by aidaguhlin

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A Book Review by Solaña
in World of Books

David Lubar

This is a fantastic book. It's not the type of book that you eagerly wait to come out. It's not the type that you devour within seconds because it's such a thriller. And alot of the stuff is your typical teenager fiction.
But it's the type of book that you can't put down because you're addicted because its so incredibly wonderful. It leaves you not only feeling totally satisfied but utterly pleasant for every part you think back on. If you've ever read Inkheart -which I know some of you have- you'll recognize this quote:

Some books should be tasted
some devoured,
but only a few
should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

This is one of those books.

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Maybe I'll try it out. And

Maybe I'll try it out. And for you my dearie, I recommend TTFN or TTYL by Lauren Myracle. They are based on IMs and Texts, and they are about teen stuff, too. I found these books highly addicting, but be warned for they are sort of inappropiate and should only be for a very mature reader.

Posted by Michelle on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 22:30
Don't worry, my friend, I'm

Don't worry, my friend, I'm good with that sort of thing. I'll tell you, I read a series of adult books in the fourth grade. I handled it very well. Those were good too. Wagons West. I will definitely check yours out.

"I'll never tell. You know that. I'll threaten, but never tell." My best friend, "Doe"

Posted by Sola~na on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 23:14

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