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Stolen Souls

Stolen Souls

Posted June 30th, 2013 by Read_Write

A Book Review by feysand (lydia)
in love with tom holland



Four teenagers hired by the corperation are pulled out of school by their team leader. Souls are being stolen, and these four friends are in charge of stopping the Soul Stealer. Can they do it?


I love the characters so far. I can see Confuzzled worked out a lot of things about her characters before starting, which is a very good this and makes your characters a bit more believable, in my opinion. Also, the characters are all very special in their own ways and have their own personalities- I can think of a certain trait for each of them right now. That's how awesome they are. And I can totally see why they do some of the stuff they do - it's just so... I don't know. But congrats to Confuzzled for making really good characters! :)


The plot of this book will turn out to be something great, I'm sure. We've only had three? chapters, and I can already tell at this early stage just how awesome this book can be. Confuzzled can do much with this, and I can see that there may be some budding romance... so we'll see.


Confuzzled asked me for some tips on her grammar... well, there are just a few simple mistakes I could comment on the page with, if you'd like, but the grammar isn't terrible. Most of it are just a few missing commas, but it's not much. It's easy to read and still just as epyk. :D


I loved it. Just loved it.

That is my overall statement of this book. If you asked for any other CC other than grammar, I would go, " O_O WHY MUST I DO THE IMPOSSIBLE AND SOMEHOW MANAGE TO FIND SOME FLAW IN THIS!?!?!? D; " xD So, yeah. Confuzzled's book is epic.

Confuzzled, I am totally in love with this book, and I can't wait for more. I will totally buy this if you publish it! :DDDDDDDD

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Awww, thankies! ~If you

Awww, thankies!

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Posted by Master of the H... on Mon, 07/01/2013 - 08:52
No problem.

No problem. :)



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