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The Thing and I

The Thing and I

Posted December 30th, 2012 by BriannaH

A Book Review by Abbey
in lost in the world of YA

Twilight Sparkle

This is a My Little Pony fan-fiction about Pinkie Pie making a mistake in trusting The Thing, a vicious villain that sucks groups of ponies from Pony Ville to New York. She does this because two of her friends did something to her and, out of rage, Pinkie Pie went somewhere she shouldn't have, aka the EverFree Forest and came across The Thing. When she tells her pony friends that she's responsible for the mess that they're in, most of them get mad. Then Pinkie Pie and her friends end up in darkness. But when Pinkie Pie opens her eyes again, she's alone ... What will happen?

This only has two chapters in it, but both are very good. The only reason I gave this story a four is because of the errors I noticed. In both chapters, there were some punctuation errors, and in at least one of the chapters there were a few capitalization and spelling errors. None of them are too major, though. This story could also use a little more description, because in some areas I had a great picture in my head and in others the picture wasn't so great.

This is a great story for anyone, especially people that like My Little Pony. If you want to read this, here's the link to the first chapter: http://www.kidpub.com/story/thing-and-i-2179132669 and the second chapter: http://www.kidpub.com/story/thing-and-i-chapter-2-my-little-pony-fanfiction-please-please-please-read-and-comment-21791327

For the author: Double check the punctuation, capitalization, and spelling, add a bit more description, and keep writing. smiley

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