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The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale

Posted October 18th, 2007 by maryam

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A Book Review by Maryam
in debted to Lauren for coming up with the in-continued-with-clever-word-thing. Grin.

Diane Setterfield

Recommended For: ages 13 and up

Plot: Vida Winter is the aging writer whose books are a global phenomenon. And yet with all this popularity, the reclusive author has still kept her true story, the story of her life, a secret.
Margaret is a young biographer who has also had secrets in her past: a twin which died as she was born.
When Miss Winter employs Margaret to pen the long-awaited biography, which deals with the Angelfield family, the beautiful but mad Isabelle, the dark and angry Charlie: her brother, the servants Missus and John-the-Dig, and finally the twins Adeline and Emmeline.
Throughout the long story, Margaret finds the story a bit similar to her own, both dealing with the loss of a family, but most specifically a twin. The older writer and the young biographer become friends (or near friends) in the writing of the story and, at the end, finally find peace.
My Opinion: This book is beautifully written, the story entertaining. A very good book, but yet it still has dark themes (mainly between Isabelle and Charlie, who does horrible things to his sister).
Things you ought to know: I'd never heard of it till my dad gave it to me. It was published in 2006.
I also love the cover.

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Sounds good. Do you think it

Sounds good. Do you think it would be okay for an 11 year old?

Posted by Maddy on Tue, 10/30/2007 - 22:54

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