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Tokyo Ghoul (The Anime) Season 1 and 2 *SPOILERS*

Tokyo Ghoul (The Anime) Season 1 and 2 *SPOILERS*

Posted April 26th, 2016 by LPSBlueHeart

A Book Review by salem
in neverland

Sui Ishida and Funimation

*PLEASE NOTE: This is based off of the ANIME, not the MANGA.*


Tokyo Ghoul is the saddest and greatest anime I have ever watched. The characters are great, (especially my favorite, Kaneki) and the plotline is so well thought out and entertaining. Let me comment on some of the BEST scenes: *caution* *spoilers*



Ryouko, Hinami's mother, dies in a fight with the Doves. The last words she said to Hinami were, 'Hinami...Live." Hinami then runs around town, looking for someone like Kaneki or Touka, and finds Kaneki. Kaneki then takes her to see where her mother was, and experienced her death. Kaneki covers Hinami's mouth and eyes, while you can hear screams from Hinami. I love how Kaneki helps her, so I just wanted to include the scene.

1000 MINUS 7

In episode 12, Kaneki gets tourtured by Jason, and experiences things like centipedes in his ear, and things done to him. He was told to count back from 1000 by 7. When he was done, he gets a vison by Rize, and goes insane (not really, but sort of). That's how he gets his white hair, and hardcore personality. He then fights Jason. Before Jason dies, Kaneki then says his famous quote,

"What's 1000 minus 7?" 

If you have seen this anywhere, or do see this, it's Kaneki's famous quote that turned him into what he is today.


In season two, after leaving Anteiku, Kaneki then returns after a few episodes of not going back. Hinami rushes to Touka, who was studying to get into Kamii University (Kaneki's school) and then stops everything, and runs to Kaneki. Kaneki has exited the coffee shop by now, and is walking on something that looks like a bridge. Touka runs up to him, calls him names, and tries to fight him (out of anger of him leaving), while Kaneki dodges every punch, kick, and other attacks without effort, but then fails to dodge a punch given by Touka in his cheek. 

This scene is honestly sad, knowing that Touka then regrets hurting him later.


Well, it's Hide's death. Probably in the top 3 for saddest scenes. After Kaneki returning to Anteiku, Hide shows up (Kaneki's best friend) and makes him coffee. Hide spits out the coffee, knowing it was bad. Knowing that this is the scene that Kaneki finds out that Hide knows about him being a hybrid ghoul, it's one of the most heart warming. He then says to Kaneki that he probably shouldn't try it. Kaneki then laughs, as he then stops when Hide falls to the ground, bleeding, and shaking, as Kaneki then brings him out of the building (which turns to fire) and lays him down...On the ground as he dies. I cried so much during Hide's death, so if you experience the scene for yourself, prepare for tears.


I gave this 5 stars for AMAZING work. A definite must see anime. This is: Tokyo Ghoul.

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