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Posted December 27th, 2012 by JLamarMichaelC

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A Book Review by Jonnah Z. Kennedy(Jeffrey)
in Texas

Lauren Kate

PS: This is a half book reveiw, because I didn't finish this book- It was too terrible. Enjoy anyways. Also, I can't enter on here for some reason, so bear with me with this one paragraph stuff.       So, lets start shall we? First, lets talk about me not finishing this book. The reason I didn't finish is because Torment was tormenting to read. It wasn't a page turner, I ell asleep on it one night as well. It was utterly boring. Kates description has gotten no better, I will give her the benefit of the doubt with the fact that she imrpoved her setting, but one thing: Shoreline(I think that was the name, not 100% though) is Hogwarts. Huge school, dormatories,  giant dark forest, right next to the ocean that's like the lake at Hogwarts, I mean this woman read Harry Potter one to many times while writing this. Another thing is that Kate just dosen't know how to be orginal. Torment follows the Book Two pattern in supernatrual romances,but on a way stupider level. Daniel had to leave for some urget thing, just like Edward because Edward just couldn't do it. Now, in Crescendo(the Hush, Hush saga is mycomparison saga for this saga) Patch left because he was protecting Nora at the same time spying on Hank Miller a.k.a The Black Hand, so that was fair. Anyways, Daniel leaves time and time again from what I read. But what really pisses me off is that Kate just so happened to use Nephilim in the second one....Just like Becca Fitzpatrick. And Kate's Nephilim were jsut about the same as Fitzpatricks Nephilim. It just seemed peculiar to me that both authors just so happened to write about Nephilim in book two. Also, the charaacers in Torment are just as shallow as in Fallen, they're slightly better, but not a lot. Where I left off in Torment was when Cam sent the fake note saying Daniel wanted to meet her.After that, I just couldn't bare to read it anymore, nor did I feel I had to read more. I think that Kate just needs to stop writing Supernatrual fiction because she's bad at it, and I'm not sure about 3-4, but the first two were bad. Also I read a bit of Book 4 synopsis, Rapture, and I think she totally went overboard with the whole Fallen Angel thing by adding Lucifer, the first fallen angel, into the mix. Like I think she might have been bankrupt for ideas. Just my opinion, and sorry this wasn't a full reveiw, hope to see you next time when I reveiw the epic Finale! This trash peice of fiction gets a 1.   

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i feel you... ugh books like

i feel you... ugh books like that


---- some dreams were meant to exist in the mind, while some dreams were meant to be alive :D -An original by Sasparilla

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Ouch.   *Jill* ~*Hand-Drawn




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