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Untitled book by Heather

Untitled book by Heather

Posted January 7th, 2013 by rebecca

A Book Review by Rebec
in Rivendell, the only place in Middle Earth that gets Wi-Fi

Heather, obviously

I am not a fan of realism, mostly because I am such a surreal person. But sometimes reality has bloody, beautiful stories, rather than stupid teenagers living their moronic lives. This is one of those stories. It's funny how I never knew how good Heather was.

Shelby is the protagonist, who is slightly odd with poor social skills on occasion. I suppose it was one reason to like her. I saw her as a more emotional version of myself. So far she just seems to read books and rebel against her mother in unusual ways. She hates her father, but so would I. 

The book seems to be about how people only take note of one side to a story, their own. I hate to say deep and meaningful things for once, but it might be about selfishness at times, considering all. I give up on the loose interpreation. Blunt, serious reviews? Hell yes! So Marlene did something with her boyfriend and accidentally became pregnant. She never wanted the baby, but waited too long and had to keep it. She was a bit obnoxious, really. And she died after giving birth. All in all, sounds nice already. Her parents, including her estranged, useless father, wanted a girl to make up for a baby that was stillborn, Laurel, but we all know, nothing comes to the idiots. Chase was definitely, thankfully male. Shelby made up with her sister after an argument, because Marlene was dying, then she does something eccentric and camps out in a graveyard. I fail to see her logic, but I'm a nutter too. This sounds normal to me. We learn why the baby's father refused to help, and the father comes back. We here his side of the story, but no one will ever give a damn about it. Selfish or what?

I say four stars because I hate realism. There will be minor errors, but they cannot deduct from a score. For once, I have lowered the marks unfairly, because it was not my type of book. Which feels mean. But then again, I'm evil, remember? It almost deserves five!


For the author: 

Edit, keep writing, find some better critic to comment on things.

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Ah, thank you so much! I

Ah, thank you so much! I only just saw this (since I rarely come on the main page) but yay, four out of five!

Also, yes, it IS funny you never knew how good I was. :P xD


"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby."-Ruth E. Renkel


Posted by Hedgebat on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 18:31

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