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Wreck-It Ralph *possible spoilers!*

Wreck-It Ralph *possible spoilers!*

Posted November 9th, 2012 by MandM

A Book Review by Mina-not-the-Mongoose
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     This story of a villian named Ralph is a tale of laughs, fun, candy, and hope; let me explain a bit. Ralph is the destroyer in his game, "Fix-It Felix Jr." in the arcade, but he wishes to change that; everyday, for thirty years, he's been wrecking a building so the players can swivel the joystick and make Fix-It Felix mend it. Everyone sees him as a big, scary fella; capable of smashing nearly ANYTHING from ANY game in Litwak's arcade, it's no wonder most characters tend to avoid him. When Ralph sets out to win a medal and prove he can be a hero, a crash-landing sits him down in "Sugar Rush", a candy-filled wonderland of kart-racing, where he meets Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitch in her game. Vanellope (pronounced like Penelope+Vanilla, btw) is determind to become a kart racer, but she can't pay the fee of a gold coin to race. When she finds and uses Ralph's medal to pay her way into racing, Ralph decides, to get his medal back, to help Vanellope win the race. Only problem is, a glitch like Vanellope isn't allowed to race, by decree of King Candy. Ralph and Vanellope set to work while becoming friends as Felix, the hero from Ralph's game, is wandering the arcade looking for Ralph. During his stay in "Sugar Rush", Ralph discovers friendship with Vanellope, and a few intriguing secrets about everything he thought he knew about long-lost Turbo, a driver from an unplugged racecar game.

My Opinion:

     I rate this movie a 4.5, because it was strong, funny, light, cute, and down-right awesome. Vanellope comes off as bratty and annoying, but she's got a sweet center waiting to be found; Ralph's image of being a Bad Guy is changed when Vanellope helps him reveal that he's not so Bad after all; and, not to mention Sergeant Calhoun, the main character of Hero's Duty, where Ralph wins his medal, who's a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense type of lady who unwittingly catches the attention of Ralph's adversary, Fix-It Felix Jr. from the game Fix-It Felix Jr. With plenty of laughs and a lesson about loving who you are, "Wreck-It Ralph" is a movie that I enjoyed immensely.

     I recommend this movie for anyone who loves video-games, too, for all the cameos and fun pixelation. These graphics are hard to beat, too, and I hope I can buy this as soon as it comes out. And, careful you don't get a sweet tooth after this, because I COULDN'T get enough candy after seeing this! And be sure to visit the Disney website and check out a few of their videos, including my new favorite song, "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City! :D

     That concludes my review of the amazing movie that everyone should see, "Wreck-It Ralph". Stay Sweet! ^_^


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PS, I have a pic of

PS, I have a pic of Vanellope I drew and if you want me to post it, I'd be glad! Thanks for reading! :D


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Posted by Mina Mongoose on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 14:49
I really want to watch that

I really want to watch that movie! Hopefully soon.

Did you hear a song called 'Sugar Rush'? =D

Posted by Crayon on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 22:50
I've heard the Sugar Rush

I've heard the Sugar Rush song by akb48, but I know there's a lot of songs called Sugar Rush! (The one by akb48 is featured in the movie, and it's got Japanese lyrics; "amai mono" means sweets, or candy :3)


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Posted by Mina Mongoose on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 09:39

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