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Here are some of the questions we get at KidPub:


Q: Who owns the copyright to my story if I publish it on KidPub?
A: The author owns the copyright. KidPub does not assume any rights to posted stories.

Q: I want to publish my story in a book or magazine. How do I do that?
A: Even if you are a really good writer it can be difficult to get your story published. Start by going to your local library for a copy of Children's and Illustrator's Market, which is full of information on how to get started. There are also magazines such as Stone Soup that publish stories.

KidPub Press can also pubish your book and market it on Amazon.com and our own KidPub Bookstore. To find out how, read our publishing guide.

Q: Can you remove my old stories from KidPub?
A: Because KidPub has been online since 1995, many of our authors are now in their twenties are surprised when they Google their name and see stories written when they were ten! We are able to remove stories from the KidPub database, just send us an email with the story title and author's name. It's important to understand that Google and other search engines keep their own copies of web pages, so even if the story has been removed from the KidPub site, it will probably still appear in a Google search.

Q: Do you edit stories?
A: No, we feel that changing a kid's story makes them feel that maybe their work isn't good enough for others to read. We like to let our authors be as creative with words as they want to be.

Q: How long has KidPub been around?
A: We published the very first story, The Drummer Boy by Jacob J, in February of 1995. We only had a few visitors a week back then, but the site got bigger and bigger until finally we were receiving over 1,000 new stories every month. Now well into our twenties, we're one of the oldest sites still running on the web.

Q: Is KidPub used by homeschoolers?
A: Absolutely! Homeshooling is an important part of the education process, and KidPub offers homeschooled kids a great place to publish their stories. Home schoolers use KidPub as a resource for their writing and language arts curriculum.

Q: How can my school get involved?
A: Most of the schools that work with us publish classroom books through KidPub Press. You can request information about our service by sending a note to schools@kidpub.com.

Q: How many stories do you have?
A: There are over 100,000 stories in our database, all available online.



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