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How I Lost My Right Shoe and Left Sock by MBelle: Runner-Up, February 2012 Writing Contest

How I Lost My Right Shoe and Left Sock by MBelle: Runner-Up, February 2012 Writing Contest


 came staggering home walking barefoot on my left foot, and walking shoeless (but with a sock) on my right. Why, you ask, would you walk home like that? Well, it’s a long story.
Today started out normal. It was the usual Saturday. My mother yelled at me to get dressed. After I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, I walked down the steps to a steaming breakfast, my mother in front of it grinning from ear to ear.
My mother enjoys cooking and likes to get up bright and early to do it. After I sat down and choked down a couple of burned eggs (I didn’t say she was a good cook), Ricky, my best friend came knocking. I knew it was Old Ricky because he knocked our secret knock. Knock-Knock-Pause-Knock-Knock.
“Oh sorry Mom. I gotta run,” I said while trying to wipe the applesauce off my shirt. “Ricky said we can finally go out and explore the new woods his family bought behind the house; we might be able to build a tree house too!” I ran to the door and grabbed my sneakers, quickly lacing them up.
“See you in a couple of hours Mom!” I yelled. I then ran right in to Ricky who was studying a bird.
“Whoa,” Ricky said, “Where’s the fire?” See why Ricky is my best friend?
“Ricky, come on! You know today is the day we get to explore the woods!” I said while I was running to his house.
I felt like we needed to get to the woods quickly. Every second, we were missing something. “Seriously man. Hold up. We have all day to explore the woods,” Ricky said, trying to calm me down. The walk down to his house seemed like forever. But finally we were there.
We walked around to the back of the house and shimmied up the fence. Behind was a vast forest, filled with tall trees and brooks. “Come on!” I said. “This is what we have been waiting for.”
We walked around talking about all the different good spots for a tree house. “This spot is very deep,” “Lots of moss here,” “A brook is next to this one,” and on and on and on. I saw a big tree that looked good for a tree house. “Hey Ricky, let’s check out that one,” I said.
We walked towards the tree. The tree was nice and deep and next to a brook. A layer of moss covered the ground. We agreed on it as soon as we got close to it. “Let’s divide and conquer,” Ricky said, “I’ll run back to the house and grab the hammer and some nails. You go find some nice pieces of wood we can use.”
I didn’t argue. I knew Ricky got the better job just running back to the house, but I wanted to explore the woods a little more. “Sure,” I said. I started out staying close to the tree while I collected some tree limbs so I would not get lost. But then as I became more aware of where everything was, I moved away.
There was a nice trail of broken tree limbs on a path. ‘That’s great!’ I thought. ‘Now I only have to follow this path.’ I followed the path for a long time. The tree limb pile in my arms grew. It was becoming too much. I was ready to go back.
‘Maybe I’ll just collect one more,’ I thought. When I was leaning up from picking up the limb, I caught a glimpse of a big hole. As I dropped all the limbs, I looked down the hole. Slowly the edges began to crumble, but softly so I could not feel it. Then it became faster. Soon it was like a waterfall beneath my feet. I tried to run. But it kept dragging me back in. I fell. I fell down that deep dark hole.
‘Would there be an end?’ I asked myself. ‘What if I just kept falling? For the rest of my life!’ Suddenly I became worried. What if I did? My left shoe then loosely slid off my foot. ‘Oh, great! Now I lost a shoe. What’s next?' Then I hit rock bottom.
‘So much for the whole no bottom thing,’ I thought. As I wiped the dirt of my eyes, I saw a light. A lantern. As I struggled to get up, I realized there was a door next to the lantern. ‘What’s next? A door mat saying Welcome?’ I thought. Now, as I had regained my balance, I walked to the lantern and picked it up by the handle. I looked around for my shoe. It was not there. ‘Ughh. Mother will be so angry with me! Those were my favorite sneakers too…’ I thought.
Sighing, I then cautiously walked through the door. It was a room full of gold. Gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold crowns, and, of course, gold coins. A genie sort of thing floated in the middle counting money. The odd thing about the genie was his foot. Yes, foot. He had one human like foot. It was dirty on the bottom.
Suddenly the genie saw me. “Ohoho!” the genie roared. “Come on in little human!”
Afraid, I stepped in and out of the darkness. “What do you want genie?” I asked meekly.
“Oh little foolish human. I’m a genie! I give but don’t receive! I just wish I could have a sock and shoe for my feet!” the genie replied.
“But sir, you have one foot!” I tried to say. The words just stuttered in my mouth. Suddenly the genie rose up and clouded the room.
“I have two feet!!” he roared.
“Yes, you do, sir. Yes, you do,” I quickly answered.
“Now, little human, I want your shoes and socks! Give me your right shoe and left sock so my feet both have something to wear! Where is your left shoe? Oh don’t answer. I really do not need to know,” he said.
Quickly, I slid off my right shoe and left sock and handed them to the genie. 'What was Mother going to say?'
“Ohoho! Thank you little man!” the genie said. The genie then slid on my left sock and right shoe.
“Now, I should, I guess, give you one wish! What is it? Gold? Money?” The genie was spitting out answers so fast I could not answer.
“To get out of this hole!” I yelled.
“Shishaboshaoohooh! You wish is granted!” the genie said as I floated up.
‘How am I going to get through the top?’ I wondered.
I scrunched my head ready for the impact. It never came. I was standing in Ricky’s new woods again. It was the same as I had left it. I checked my watch. The time was exactly when I fell! The genie got me out of the hole and took me back in time.
Then Ricky came running towards me. “Hey where you been? Have enough wood?” Ricky asked.
“Ricky… I need to go home. Really, I’m sorry. Maybe another day we’ll build the tree house,” I said. Then I ran out of the woods.
When I reached the street, I started walking slowly. I was afraid of what my mother would say about my foot situation. My thoughts ran off and soon I forgot about the genie, and that, my friend, is how I lost my right shoe and left sock.

Awesome creativaty!

Awesome creativaty!

Posted by Yavanna on Sat, 05/05/2012 - 20:25


Posted by Hamster Heaven ... on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 13:08

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