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  1. Character Pics!!!
  2. I'm Yours - song
  3. Help Wanted
  4. Ok, if anyone wants someone to edit their work and make suggestions. . .
  5. Popping Bubbles....if u haven't read it and aren't planning to, don't click on this
  6. Help w/ a christmas story....
  7. Who Needs A Title?!
  8. New Story!!!
  9. Awesome website!
  10. Character Game
  11. Cliches!!
  12. Story/Novel Covers!!!!
  13. Need Editors!!!
  14. The Vp Editors
  15. Random Plotlines for Grabs!!!
  16. Random Titles...and the usual plea for help...
  17. The Christmas Baby (PLEASE ASSIST!)
  18. Character/Book songs/playlists
  19. Possible new story
  20. New writing program
  21. One of my BEST ideas...
  22. Been to PARIS? Click here now!!
  23. I, Snubber (and him Morton) Tales
  24. Another Idea from the Awesomeness
  25. OK, some serious help needed!
  26. NEW STORY!!!!!! (Approval wanted! :D)
  27. New Idea!!!
  28. One of My Favorite Plotlines (In the making)
  29. New Book Currently Unnamed
  30. Need Help with Characters?
  31. New Story Idea (Need Input)
  32. Paranormality:Preface
  33. Popping Bubbles....again. plot input needed
  34. New Story Idea (Input requested!)
  35. new idea i mentioned on newest story
  36. Story Playlists!
  37. Should I carry on
  38. Commissions
  39. Story Plots and Ideas!
  40. Writing Project for School
  41. New Story my Friend and I are Writing, Just want to hear everyone's ideas about it!!!
  42. fonts,sizes,and more!
  43. Storys/plots
  44. Stag name! Help!
  45. Need help with Story Ideas
  46. How are you poets so good???!
  47. New Idea!!! I neeeeddd HELP!!!!!!
  48. Papers of a Good Writer
  49. Help?
  50. Anyone need help with story ideas/plots/titles?
  51. Story Movies
  52. Action & Adventure/Sci Fi Book idea
  53. Book Trailers
  54. Editing.
  55. Spare Plots up for Grabs
  56. Writer's Block
  57. Discouraged
  58. Need Plot!
  59. What Do You Think?
  60. Book Covers? I'll draw one for you.
  61. Interested...?
  62. NanoWrimo
  63. Story ideas and plots needed!!!!!
  64. hehe. Yeah. New story idea.
  65. Wrong Way
  66. Any poets here?
  67. Need a story idea
  68. Need new story idea! having writers block sucks!
  69. new book?????
  70. Cures for Writers Block
  71. Songs of Inspiration
  72. Romance help??
  73. Creepy stories
  74. What I do
  75. Romance ideas
  76. Help
  77. Shadow Love
  78. My Story Ideas---Would you read them?
  79. Title help, what do you think?
  80. Character Names
  81. Zombie Slaying??
  82. Story idea, in need of title, and would you read this?
  83. Is This a GOOD Idea????
  84. Is it okay to post another zombie slaying book?
  85. Kyle/Logan/TheAshWolf/Chiaki Story Idea Post
  86. Would this be too similar to anything?
  87. Help? I come up with ideas and then...
  88. *Plink!*A light bulb over my head just lit up!!!
  89. Story Idea! Need title and genre help!
  90. Free Story Ideas For YOU!!!
  91. Group Story
  92. Critique Needed :D
  93. Dare Machine!!!
  94. For those who answered "CALLING FIFTEEN GREAT AUTHORS!!
  95. EveryOne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. ..........A story Idea.............
  97. Story Idea! Will you do this with me?
  98. Everyone!!!!!important Message To All The Authors Out There
  99. And Then There were FEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. The Hunger Games
  101. Need help...
  103. I'm Back!
  104. Character Package
  105. The Fifteen Tribes
  106. Poem Book Click Here U Want A Poem In It!!
  107. Who Would Read THIS??
  108. `~Duct Tape~` Editing Buisness--Fixes spelling mistakes, uncorrect grammar, etc.--
  109. Getting a plot and NOT abandoning it? -_-
  110. Book ideas
  111. In need of a PLOT?
  112. For those who awnsered , 'A STORY IDEA!!! WANNA WRITE CHAPTERS FOR IT!!! 5 spots open
  113. hey does anyboby story idea?
  114. What do you think my new story should be about?
  115. Book/Movie Trailer Scripts
  116. My Pirate Stoy Idea!!! Tell Me If It's Good!!!
  117. Greek Mythology
  118. Got a title but....
  119. How's this for a plot?
  120. Got the plot- need the title.
  121. Fantasy writer's Haven
  122. How's THIS for a plot??
  123. I really need help!
  124. Hey, Kiwara, you write fantasy, right? (And All Fantasy Writers Read)
  125. Random CHAPTER Ideas :^)
  126. How does this sound?
  127. WolfWriter's Idea
  128. A Question that Needs to Be Answered for My Story...
  129. Orwell's Six Rules of Writing
  130. What do You think of this plot idea?
  131. New Book!
  132. My first story in verse
  133. Idea's in random Places
  134. I got this idea...
  135. This weird story...
  136. I don't know if I should write this plot into a book...do you think this isn't sucky?
  137. The Outcast fiveology!!!! (ok, the word's pentalogy I think, but mine sounds better)
  138. Steel Wire - behind the scenes at the circus...
  139. Prophecy of the Warrior: A novel, advice welcomed!
  140. help, I need some advice for my stories so if you read my stories click!
  141. All fans of Ocean Song!!!
  142. Here's an idea I just randomly had...
  143. Should I write this?
  144. If I wrote this, would anyone read it?
  145. An Idea I thought of in Science Class Today
  146. Summary thread
  147. NaNoWriMo Ideas!
  148. Stupid singers block!
  149. Summary adoption!
  150. The ~Official~ story idea thread! Discuss, comment, and have fun!
  151. Contests???
  152. Elve facts???
  153. Anyone Like Stories About the Middle Ages? :)
  154. Best movies of 2011?!?
  155. What story out of these three should I publish with Kidpub?
  156. I need tips on writing! Fast!!!!!!
  157. An Underdeveloped Plot that I might start. Comments? Suggestions? CC?
  158. The Nine Beasts...
  159. New Wolf Story Idea
  160. New fantasy Story plot
  161. The ~OFFICIAL~ "I need comments!" Thread! <cue trumpets>
  162. Kpers & Their Quotes *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Enter!!!*
  163. Random Idea... XD
  164. Brainstorming Excercise
  165. Plot for a school thing..
  167. Random pointless failworthy idea
  168. Number 9
  169. No one's commenting!
  170. The old man Berlin
  171. Experimenting ... wanna create a character for my book?
  172. New Idea, what do ya' think?
  173. Defective...a dystopian story
  174. Poem I wrote
  175. Yes, another new idea. My brain has been on fire lately.
  176. Daffodil Fields - A dystopian/sci-fi/horror thing I came up with
  177. M e m o r y Mountain~An adventure story
  178. Poetry Challenges
  179. I'm GONNA make a short story about Pokey and I's adventures. YAZZA 8'DDDD
  180. Had an idea for a story last night; Is it interesting, or idiotic?
  181. I'm GOING TO WRITE A HUNGER GAMES fanafic. yeah. :D
  182. How's this for a storyline?
  183. Story Stuff! For TheAshWolf and WildWolf ONLY!
  184. Question About Novel Lengths
  185. New Ideeea... xD
  186. Another idea....
  187. What do you think I should do with this story??? Please help :)
  188. A Random Dystopian Plot - Should I write this?
  189. Random Plot Ideas!!!!
  190. Rockfall (fantasy idea)
  191. Fanfictions
  192. One round later...???
  193. Death Days
  194. Next Yesterday
  195. Some new ideas...
  196. Help, please?
  197. Fantasy Worlds/Races
  198. Would YOU read this?
  199. Is this a reasonable motivation for terror against the U.S.?
  200. Help us think of a title, yo.
  201. In the Shadows (dystopian stuff)
  202. So, I'm planning to start a new story...
  203. Really sucky idea right here....
  204. Story Idea Adoption Center :3
  205. Story Updates *revived* Talk about you updates on your book here...
  206. Script Writer Needed
  207. Murder At Midnight Saga- Re-Write?
  208. I Need Feedback, and Title Help...
  209. Anyone need titles? XD
  210. *A Story Idea*
  211. Lucid Insanity, please help. No, not that kind of help. It's a book. Yeah.
  212. A story involving a gang known as MS13...
  213. Looking for a 'writing friend'?
  214. Word Count!
  215. Who has some romance/fantasy ideas?
  216. I need a story Idea!
  217. The Necropolis
  218. The Awoken
  219. What do you think of zombies?
  220. I Need Help With My Story!
  221. The Formers. :'D *Max and Kendra only. asdfghjkl*
  222. Character Perspectives
  223. I need help with writing a chapter...
  224. The Overlords ~ Discussions (Where MaggieMay and Max go spazz over their book)
  225. For APO and K3NDRA ONLY!! :) :P :D
  226. New Verse Novel Plot! Give me CC!
  227. All Things Poetry!
  228. Okay, I REALLY REALLY need help!
  229. Story Ideas. Under Story Ideas. Ha, I'm so creative.
  230. Does this sound like a good plot idea for my Percy Jackson Fan Fic?
  231. K3NDRA and the Unpopped Waffle's chat room
  232. TheGoldenWasp(Arin) and K3NDRA'S PJ Novel! Is Classified!
  233. Over Shadow! My KidPubember Book!
  234. The Shadow Wolves - Series Idea - Book One: Unmentionable
  235. Short Story Ideas?
  236. Does Anyone Want To Be My Commenting Buddy?
  237. Co-Write with K3NDRA Idea
  238. Of Tigers and War...
  239. Do you think Sci-Fi stories are being over used?
  240. A few artists/collaborative writers needed...
  241. Help! Do you know what this is?
  242. Blazing Beginnings| The Opening Sentence of a Novel
  243. How cliche can you be?
  244. Need Ideas? The Place to Post New Plots
  245. Upper YA on KidPub (Not sure where this goes)
  246. Need...To...Write... And advice?
  247. Do You Like My Idea?
  248. Not sure where this should go... It's an Update on my story, Luminous Maximus
  249. The Revised Stories Advertisement Page!
  250. Alternate Universe NES